Changi Airport Waterfall: Tallest Indoor Waterfall Opens

Changi Airport in Singapore has been voted the best airport in the world. It now has the highest indoor Changi Airport Waterfall in the world. The best airport in the world has just been repaired. Inside the airport is a four-story lush park, more than 280 shops and restaurants, hotels, a multi-screen IMAX theater, and the world’s tallest indoor Changi Airport Falls, the 130-foot Rain Vortex.

The next phase of construction of the project began in June when Jewel Changi Airport opened a series of additions to several tickets to the public.

This is including a 16-foot glass-floor bridge, reflecting nets and passages, mazes, and fire. statues, and others. For further information related to Changi Airport Waterfall, see the following overview.

Location of Changi Airport Waterfall

Changi Airport Waterfall: Tallest Indoor Waterfall Opens

Jewel Changi Airport is located next to Terminal 1 and is located in the airport area that used to be a car park. It is located inside a torus or donut-shaped glass and steel building designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie. Therefore, the Changi Airport Waterfall is also located here.

The magnificent new building now covers more than 1.6 million square feet. The building has 10 floors – 5 above ground and 5 below – and was built for S$1.7 billion ($1.25 billion). Jewel is not only complemented what Singapore Changi Airport has to offer. But also make Singapore a more attractive destination for tourists.

The Tallest Indoor Changi Airport Waterfalls in the World

Changi Airport Waterfalls was designed by Los Angeles-based design firm WET. The Jewel Rain Vortex directs the collected rainwater and is recirculated back to the seven-story roof in a circle of water droplets. At ground level, water flows into a large acrylic funnel that flows down two levels below ground level. At night, the waterfall serves as a backdrop for the top 360-degree light and sound show.

Peter Kopik, Head of Design at WET, explains that waterfalls are more than just building blocks. Moreover, it is a continuation of the building. It is like the roof collapsed and the building became liquid.

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Inner Forest

Singapore is known as the “City of Gardens”, and Changi Airport is famous for its large displays of flowers and butterflies, sunflowers, cacti, and other garden zones.

Jewel continues this theme with a 227,000-square-foot Forest Valley with four floors. Featuring more than 900 trees, palms, and shrubs from around the world, as well as more than 100,000 shrubs.

The idea for an indoor forest and a record-breaking Changi Airport Waterfalls arose from a request from Changi Airport. It is to build facilities with shops, restaurants, tourism-related facilities, and attraction types. The concept is more of a once-in-a-lifetime place.

Therefore, it needs something universal, durable, and attractive for all ages. And that is the idea in preparing the concept of the surrounding area of the waterfalls.

Potted Plants

When Jewel’s Premium Canopy Garden opens in June, the park will feature a labyrinth of mirrors and themed gardens. As well as trails lined with statues of birds, monkeys, elephants and other animal sculptures created by the gardening team at Jewel. The celebration will be marked by a large floral decoration that will change with the seasons.

Bridge With Glass Base and Net for Walking and Jumping

In addition to the beautiful Changi Airport Waterfalls, there is a glass Bridge located in Jewel’s Canopy Park. It has a glass base and stands 75 feet above the ground floor of the Jewel. Those who are brave enough to climb the bridge will be able to see the Rain Vortex and the forest from a whole new perspective. In some networked parks, children and adults can jump and jump, and others can walk on the ground.

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Shopping Around Changi Airport Waterfalls

At Jewel Changi Airport, there are 280 places to shop and eat. Jewel has many places to shop including global brands such as Adidas, Coach, and Levi’s as well as new market stores, Pokemon Center, and many Singaporean brands such as In Good Company (clothing) and Supermama (goods), design and crafts.

Gift by Changi Airport sells a variety of Changi Airport-themed items. Such as the airport’s signature orchids, herbal and botanical fragrances, and the work of renowned local artists.

Next to the Changi Airport Waterfalls, you can find popular dishes in the area. In this place, you can choose between fast food and fine dining, and the food is Asian and Western. Visitors will find all the spicy durian treats, Singapore’s first Shake Shack, and a variety of cafes offering “outdoor” dining with views of the forest and Jewel Falls.

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Additional Tourist Facilities

Many people wait a long time at Changi Airport or have to wait a long time from leaving the hotel to the late-night flight.

In addition to the 130-room hotel with short-term cabin space, Jewel Changi Airport’s new attraction also has a place for guests to store their luggage and a ticket counter. You can spend up to 2 hours before their flight. Changi Pay-as-you-go lounges are made for train and ferry passengers who need a place to wait before boarding their flights at Changi Airport.

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That’s the discussion about Changi Airport Waterfalls and everything next to this area. This amazing airport makes anyone amazed at the beautiful design reluctant to leave this place. Therefore, no wonder the waterfall is one of the most amazing places in Changi to see.