What is Outer Banks Rated? Have you watched it on Netflix?

What are Outer Banks rated until now is still a hot conversation for anyone, especially for movie fans? The Outer Bank TV series itself has a story that is very interesting to successfully suck the attention of many connoisseurs of TV shows. This TV series tells the story of a treasure hunt by a teenager named John Booker Routledge. In this action, he invited three friends.

In the end, there was a lot of terror that they had to face because of the discovery of the treasure. This trailer TV series does present an interesting story until more and more discussion about the ratings of the popular TV show that airs on Netflix.

Although the story is interesting may be the ratings of this tv series are not always good. This refers to ratings given by certain parties such as observers of films or TV series in the United States. Assessments can come from various parties until the rating or ratings are increasingly varied.

Critic Ratings of Outer Banks

What is Outer Banks Rated? Have you watched it on Netflix?

Critics as a party that always gives input are critical do not waste the opportunity to give rating ratings on the popular Outer Banks TV series. Based on the results of the assessment he gave to the Outer Banks, it turns out that this TV series gets an average score of 6.7 from levels 1 to 10.

The assessment was taken by involving as many as 21 people who could provide criticism or input on this radiant film. Of the 21 people as many as 15 people judged this spectacle presents a good story and worth watching. While the remaining 6 provided poor ratings on the Outer Banks. So you could say also 71% of the critics say this film can be a consideration for many people to be used as an exciting spectacle.

Outer Banks Audience Ratings

It’s not just critics who give ratings and ratings on this one show. But audiences are also often targeted for the TV show’s ratings and rating process.

According to the audience of the TV, the Outer Banks series can be a good consideration and worth watching because it presents a good story. In this case, as many as 84% of the audience judged that the Outer Banks is a good TV series so this story can occupy high ratings. This is certainly enough to convince many people that at least outer banks can be a TV series that can accompany you in your spare time.

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Outer Banks TV-MA ratings

His good story according to the audience and its fairly good eligibility for this TV series was not approved by the TV-MA. TV-MA is a rating given precisely by the Parental TV Guidelines for television programs designed and devoted only to adult viewers. TV-MA rating results show that the Outer Banks TV series is full of violence.

In addition, there is also a spectacle about drugs and profanity and there is also sensual content that is certainly not good for children. In this movie, there are many bad characters. The impression of violence appears strongly in this show.

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Therefore, the TV Series Outer Banks was declared very unfit to be a spectacle for children. Because many things show the existence of various kinds of intense ugliness. Therefore, TV-MA shows that this show should not be the consumption of children and even for teenagers who are still unstable.

Outer Banks Weekly Streaming Ratings

Apart from all the graphic displays that are considered inappropriate for children and the violent story this TV series is getting a position in the hearts of the community. This is demonstrated by Nielsen’s weekly streaming ratings which stated that Outer Banks became the most-watched English-language TV series globally. Even the ratings that stated its popularity remained until after airing the second season. For almost a month or about four weeks, this movie remained popular and the most watched on Netflix.

Moreover, with the presence of various character figures that are also directing so that there is an assessment of good characters and bad characters from all the characters displayed. For example, Pogue is considered a good person while Kook tends to be the opposite.

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Various assessments about each of these characters make the story more exciting to the point of being enjoyed by anyone who watches it. Character ratings also appeared because of the attention of the audience on this TV series.

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What are Outer Banks rated by various parties may vary? The ratings of this TV series can come from anywhere both from the audience and from tv series observers who always provide certain comments and criticisms. Not only that but ratings can also be given to those who also pay attention to the feasibility of TV shows or movies for children.

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Ratings are given to assist parents in finding references for the feasibility of a film. Furthermore, Outer Banks ratings will also help you to also consider this TV series whether it can be a useful spectacle or not. So that you will be able to decide further related with information if it is a worth series to watch.