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Singapore is a country that is not only famous for its attraction. Behind many interesting places, there are also many things to know about the country including its industrial area. One of the famous industrial areas in the country is Kaki Bukit Singapore. However, not many people hear or know about the area. Since it has less information related to the place. Therefore, those who feel interested in the place need to get a sufficient overview. The following are some paragraphs that will give an overview related to this industrial area.

History of Kaki Bukit Singapore

It is interesting to know the history behind this industrial place. This place was start to develop for industrial in 1960. It is precisely an extension of Jalan Eunos Malay Settlement. Since this area is located in the foothill, that is why later on the place called Kaki Bukit in which is a translated name from the foothill.

Previously the area is a housing area for the origin community of Singapore. Most of the people staying in the area are Malay. But after the area is developed to be an industrial place, then various industry starts to operate around this place. Furthermore, most of the community staying in the area then located into other places. Then Kaki Bukit Singapore is flattened for land reclamation. Until today, no more housing area in the area and fill with many industrial places and offices.

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Location of Kaki Bukit Singapore

The location of this place is precisely in the Kaki Bukit district which is located in the east part of Singapore. Therefore, anyone who plans to visit the area shall use transportation who passed the east area of Singapore. The easiest way is by using MRT and stopping right at Kaki Bukit Station. From this station, you can continue to visit the places that you want to see or know.

In case you want a more comfortable way to reach this place, then you can also use a taxi from your place. This location is not too far from the city center. So that you will be able to reach this place within 30 minutes. Therefore, no need to worry about losing too much time when you want to come to this industrial area.

Transportation Around Kaki Bukit Singapore

There are three main transportations around Kaki Bukit Singapore. That is why reaching the area is not too difficult as mentioned previously. Along with the development of this area, there are MRT station, bus transit service location, and Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway for those who visit the area with private car or taxi. With this amount of transportation around this industrial area, it is easier for many workers and visitors to come to this place. Furthermore, it is quite simple whenever you want to visit this industrial estate.

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Facilities Around Kaki Bukit Singapore

Even though the place is an industrial estate now, the area is also provided with many facilities around it. Therefore, anyone who comes to visit and stay next to this place wouldn’t need to worry. This area has several schools for the children. Most of the school is the public school to help those that stay around the area to get sufficient education without the need to look at a school with far distance.

The area also has a recreation center on this area. So that in case you only come to the area for sightseeing and need to take a rest, you can stop at this place to enjoy some food options. The place also has some dormitories for the worker in this area. There is also some housing for the foreign worker. But if you prefer a better place to stay, the outside Kaki Bukit Singapore offers a more exciting place with a lot of food and store to choose from.

Amusement Next to Kaki Bukit Singapore

If you wish to find another amusement around the area, you can go to Bedok Reservoir Park that pretty close to Kaki Bukit Singapore. Here you can find many interesting attractions to see for the whole day. Therefore, no need to worry about spending your time visiting the area. Since you still get a nice place to go and see.

Around the area, you can also easily find many hostels to stay at affordable prices. Therefore, for those who want to explore the area, you can choose to stay in this place. It is also surrounded by many local restaurants. So that you can taste and experience local food which is rich in flavors and unique. By staying in the area, you can get both excitement, pleasure of traveling, and technology development to learn in the industrial area. So that you will get a lot kind of excitement here.

Kaki Bukit Singapore is a nice place that supports industrial production in Singapore. From the place, Singapore gets nice support for the economic growth of the country. So that it manages better support for the community too. If you are interested to visit the place, then spare your time while staying in Singapore. You will see how the industrial world of Singapore is performing well in this area.

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