5 Ways to Transfer Money from Singapore

How to transfer money from Singapore? Living in Singapore will give you a nice experience. Starting from the food, the culture, the environment, and many more. However, if you are not originally Singaporean, you must keep in contact with your family from different countries.

You even sometimes need to transfer money from Singapore to another account in another country. So that you might need sufficient information related to this activity.

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To transfer money from Singapore to other countries, there are many ways to select. This will depend on each person’s preference. Some of the ways might a little bit tricky, or some will be easier. For more information, related to the ways, the following paragraphs will help to brief more.

Transfer Money from Singapore Through Bank Account

5 Ways to Transfer Money from Singapore

One of the simplest methods to transfer money from Singapore to another country is by using your bank account. You can directly go to the bank office and then go to the teller. However, this will require currency conversion from the Singapore Dollar to the currency of your purposed country. So that you will need to follow the currency rate from the bank and will be charged some fees.

Furthermore, sending money through a bank account will need several days to finish. So that your relative in another country will be able to receive the money several days after. Even though it is simple for you to perform, it takes time and amount of charges to consider.

Transfer Money from Singapore Via PayPal

Another way to transfer money from Singapore to other countries is by using PayPal. Currently, PayPal is a common method of sending money all over the world. So that many people get a PayPal account to do this transaction. However, you must notice that to send money via PayPal means that you need a PayPal account and your relatives also. So that the process can be performed very quickly and easily.

In case you use PayPal, the money will take a short time to receive. But, you also need to notice the fee and charge if you select this method. You will also need to deal with currency rate since PayPal normally use a credit card to perform the transaction. Therefore, you need to spare some funds to accommodate these needs.

Transfer Money from Singapore Using Western Union

Another easier way to transfer money from Singapore to other countries is by using Western Union. This is a common service of sending money abroad in all countries for many years. Therefore, no wonder anyone in Singapore also uses this method to send money to other people in a certain country. All you have to do comes to the Western Union representative in your country, then you can perform the transaction accordingly.

Using Western Union might deal with certain fees according to the purpose country. Plus, it might require cash only to perform the transfer. Therefore, make sure to prepare accordingly so that your money transfer can be processed in fasten time. You also need to check the currency rate and make sure that the rate is similar to the common rate.

Transfer Money from Singapore Using MoneyGram

If you want to transfer money from Singapore online, you can also use the method offered by MoneyGram. In this digital era, there are many websites that offer various services in finance including MoneyGram that can help you send money all over the world. Therefore, it is a good chance to send money abroad with this webpage.

To send money through MoneyGram will need an account. So that you need to create your account first before performing the transfer of money. Once you have the account then you can link to your credit card account. After that, you can raise your money transfer from the webpage.

Transfer Money from Singapore Through Wise

Another similar way with MoneyGram is to transfer money from Singapore to another country through Wise. Similarly, it will require you to join or make an account on this webpage. So that you will able to use the service and easily send your money to your relatives in other countries. Otherwise, you will not allow sending the money through Wise.

Once you get an account, you can input your bank account as the money source for your deposit fund. After performing the deposit, you can continue sending the money to another country. However, be notice that your relative also needs to have an account in Wise. So that the money transfer process will be easier and take a fasten time. Otherwise, it will take some days to process if sent directly to a bank account in a certain country.

Those are all the ways to transfer money from Singapore to another country. With some options above, you can select the method that suits your preference and expectation. So that you will be able to give money to our relative who stays outside the country. Plus, you can also compare which method will give you the most economical charge to perform. Therefore, if you don’t want to select the wrong way, then you need to make careful consideration.