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Traveling to Singapore will lead you to find many interesting things to see while staying in the country. Singapore is a small country in Asia with a lot of tourist attractions. One of them includes the Singapore Zoo which offers various holiday programs for its visitors. So that staying in Singapore will lead you to get a new adventure through the various program in the zoo. Including a night safari with Singapore Zoo which will be excited to try. For more information, related to this activity, the following paragraph will give more explanation.

Overview of Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo has been part of Singapore’s tourism attraction for many years. Located in the north western side of the country, this zoo is one of the interesting attractions while you stay in Singapore. Every year many tourists come and enjoy all the attractions provided in this zoo. Most of them are families who bring their children to experience a joyful moment with various animals in the zoo.

The zoo offers many kinds of exotic animals to see. Starting from wild animals, reptiles, birds, and many more. So that you can enjoy many kinds of animals while visiting the zoo. Furthermore, this zoo also offers many thematic attractions for the children. It also has a virtual program for those who feel interested in the zoo but have no time to get there.

Overall, there are many enjoyable moments if you decide to plan your visit to this zoo. You can feed the animal, get a tour around the zoo, or get your children various fun activities. You can also have a remarkable moment by dining in the zoo with the animals around. Entirely, it is an exciting moment to enjoy the zoo for your holiday.

How to Get There

Singapore is not a big country that is difficult to travel to. Therefore, anyone who plans to get to Singapore Zoo will not experience any problems. Since the location is quite near to the city center, therefore, you will be able to get here only in a few minutes. Most of the tourists visit the place using public transport called MRT. It operates from morning until night.

Alternatively, you can also choose to use a taxi, or rent a car if you travel with a big family or on a tour. There are many ways to reach the zoo in just less than one hour. So that you don’t have to worry about planning all the activities inside the zoo including if you plan to attend the night safari program.

If you decide to use public transport, then you just simply go to the nearest MRT station. Choose the North-South Line MRT and then stop at Khatib, Choa Chu Kang, or Ang Mo Kio station. After that continue with the public bus to reach the zoo.

Opening Hours of Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo operates from 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM. While the ticket sale is close at 5.30 PM. If you want to join the night safari attraction, you need to deal with a special ticket for this. You also need to pay attention since according to its official website, the night safari is only allowed from Thursday to Sunday including public holidays. The night safari will start from 6.30 PM to 12.00 PM. Therefore, make sure to prepare accordingly for this opening time.

Facilities Inside the Zoo

The zoo provides many facilities for its visitors. Therefore, you don’t have to worry when deciding to visit this place. Inside the Singapore Zoo, you can easily find a toilet and also a restaurant for your lunch or snacking time. There is also a shopping place to help you buy any merchandise related to the zoo.

One of the interesting things when visiting this zoo is that there are many shows available every day. Therefore, you wouldn’t be boring and miss any attraction while you go to this zoo. Furthermore, with a complete facility inside the zoo, you will feel a pleasant time while spending a holiday in this zoo. Mainly if you take your children, all facilities will help to support you in an optimum way. So that you and your children can enjoy your trip to the zoo without issues and problems.

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Night Safari with Singapore Zoo

Night safari in Singapore Zoo is one of the attractive shows and activities in this area. Therefore, many tourists are excited to try this adventure while staying in Singapore. Inside this night safari, you will be able to see various animals that only awake at night. Furthermore, you can also experience shows that are only available at night.

To get the ticket for the night safari it is recommended to buy it online. The zoo offers an easier way to get a ticket through their official website in Therefore, to ease your travel and holiday plan, buying an online ticket is recommended.

That is all the information related to Singapore Zoo including its famous program of night safari. Now, traveling to Singapore can be more excited by including this leisure into your schedule. Enjoy various night animals in the zoo and get a new exciting experience like you never felt before. Take your children together and have a pleasant family moment while staying in this country.

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