Cost of Living in Canada VS UK

How many cost of living in Canada? It is always interesting to compare the cost of living in Canada vs UK. Both are wellness countries that are desirable to many foreigners.

Therefore, many expatriates come to these countries either to study or for making money. However, it is important to check on the comparison first, which country is more eligible to select. For more information about this, the following paragraphs will help to show more.

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Comparison of Cost for Living in Canada VS UK Related with Accommodation

Cost of Living in Canada VS UK

The first interesting thing to know is the cost to rent a house or a unit apartment in the country. Referring to many information from various surveys, living in Canada will charge you almost the same cost for house rent or apartment rent. Therefore, whether you stay in Canada or stay in the UK, there will be not much difference in terms of living place.

If you stay in the country for study, you can even get a more economical way to pay the rent house or apartment. Since you can easily manage a sharing unit of the apartment with other students or people. You can also select to stay in the dormitory, where usually cost less than a unit of an apartment in the city. Through this option, you can reduce your overall cost to pay for the accommodation while you stay in the country.

Comparison of Cost for Living in Canada VS UK Related with Transportation

If you compare the cost of transportation of both countries, they are also not too different. Since most of the public transport in all countries will charge an economical fare. Therefore, this is a thing which you don’t need to worry about.

The cost for public transport is very minimum, either for a one-way ticket or for a monthly pass. It cost around 150 Canadian Dollars for a one-month pass, a similar cost compared to the UK.

It is a little bit different if you manage to move to Canada or the UK with your entire family. You might be thinking to buy a car for daily transportation. Most of the cars in Canada cost slightly higher than in the UK. Therefore, you need to make sure that you will afford this cost if you plan to choose Canada as your moving place.

Comparison of Cost for Living in Canada VS UK Related with Meal

Regarding the meal cost, the cost of living in Canada VS UK will also not be too significantly different. Since the price for the meal is typically the same. Whether you decide to cook at home or have breakfast in MacDonald, they will cost you at a similar price in Canada and the UK. Therefore, you also don’t need to think too much about this.

If you stay in these countries with your family, then the best is to cook at home rather than buy a meal in a restaurant. Shopping for ingredients in the supermarket will charge you half the cost of buying a meal outside. Therefore, many families choose to cook at home to keep their outcomes more minimum.

Comparison of Cost of Education and Health

One of the interesting things is the tuition fee and the school fee while you choose to move either to Canada or UK. Since education is one of the expensive components of cost if you choose to stay in a wealthy country such as Canada or the UK. A school fee for primary school can reach at least 500 Canadian Dollars. While University will charge a higher tuition fee.

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However, it is a good thing that either Canada or the UK prepare a scholarship including for expatriates. Therefore, to save more money on education fees, you can try to apply for a scholarship. So that you don’t need to pay any tuition fee for the school or university.

While in terms of health, both Canada and the UK offer minimum cost of medication since many hospitals in those countries are free. Therefore, you can manage to save your expense for visiting the doctor or for routine medication. Except that you plan to buy some medicine in the general drug store for cold in the example, you need to pay by yourself.

Those all some overview about the cost of living in Canada VS UK. After reading the information above, it will be easier for you to decide which country is your best selection. So that you can manage a suitable living in the country.

One of the main considerations to think of is that Canada offers a slightly more economical daily expense for their people. Therefore, in terms of groceries, meals, and entertainment will be more economical rather than staying in the UK. This is also a reason why many foreigners from the United Kingdom decide to move to Canada.

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After all, the cost of living in Canada vs UK shall also make sure that your income in those countries suits the daily cost of your living. So that you can enjoy a proper life in the country. Mainly if you bring your family, then it is important to consider a sufficient income before moving.