How To Send Money From Bank To Payoneer

How to send money from bank to Payoneer? Selecting online money transfers to perform various kinds of business payment is a commonly selected method nowadays. With the ease of sending money from various countries to other foreign countries, many businesses reach their success within the last year.

One of the methods to perform this business payment is through Payoneer. However, several businessmen still feel uncertain related to how to send money from the bank to Payoneer. So that they can perform either the payment or receive the payment.

The following paragraphs will help to give an overview related to how to send money from a bank to Payoneer. Through the following information, hopefully, it can help many businesses man around the world to keep their businesses around the world, without any issues related to payment.

The Needs of Sending Money Abroad

How To Send Money From Bank To Payoneer

There are various needs of sending money abroad. The most common reason is buying something overseas. Mainly for an importer who bought stuff from another country and needs to make a payment with different currencies. This asks them to use online payment as the fastest solution on how to send money abroad. Therefore, one of the commonly selected methods is by using Payoneer.

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Another reason is mostly due to some expatriates or foreigners taking a job outside the country and needing to send money home. The fastest and simple way to send their salary to the family in other countries is by using Payoneer.

For this various reasons, online money transfer across many countries is important. So that the information of how to send money from bank to Payoneer also valuable too.

Why Shall Send Money to Payoneer


There are various reasons for sending money through online transfers such as Payoneer. Most people choose this method since it can consider the fastest way to send money in less than one day. Most banks need three to five working days to perform the transfer. Therefore, it may take a longer period to perform the money sent.

Another reason is that this can consider as a secure way to send money. To send money online, you need a credible company to perform this. Therefore, it is necessary to pass this needs to a trusted place such as Payoneer. With a lot number of experience and good reputable status of the company, Payoneer is one of the best options for foreigners in sending money across many countries.

Last, Payoneer is also simple, easy, and less fee. Compare with the bank which usually applies for a high charge and a high currency rate, then Payoneer can consider more economical. The steps are also simple and quick so that anyone feels that this is their preferred method to send money.

How to Send Money from Bank to Payoneer

Those who frequently use Payoneer will not have problems related to how to send money from a bank to Payoneer. But, if it is your first time, then it will be better to check on the following steps. So that you can perform the money send without mistake.

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The first thing to do is to make an account in Payoneer. Similar ways with various type of payment account. You need to make an account so that you can use the service.

• To create an account in Payoneer, what you need to provide is input data of your data such as name, email address, and date of birth. Once you successfully fill in the data, then you have to inform your payment method which is through your bank account. Here, you will need to add information related to your bank account.

• After that, you will be requested to have a password so that you can start to use your Payoneer account whenever needed. Wait until your account is validated by Payoneer and verified accordingly. After the verification process, usually, you will be able to use your Payoneer account for various purposes.

• Once you can use your account, then you can directly perform money sent from your bank account. However, it is noted that this cannot be directly performed. Since Payoneer top-up is mostly only able to be done through a credit card. So that you need to perform some more steps including owning a credit card to help with this activity.

• Simply add some amount of balance to your credit card so that you can use this balance for your Payoneer account. After this activity is a success, then you can input the balance from your credit card into your Payoneer account.

• Make sure that the transaction is a success. If it is a success, then you can see your balance on your Payoneer account is appear.

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Those all some information related to how to send money from bank to Payoneer that can easily perform through online. With the above information, now many businessmen will be able to perform the money transaction without further issues. No matter where you are, you will be able to make payments and receive payments globally. This wouldn’t only ease your payment, but, it also is a good way to grow your business across many countries in the world.