Singapore Culture Shock

Living in another country can create some culture shocks. It is normal to happen mainly for those who have just moved to a foreign country for the first time. A similar thing happens in Singapore, there is 8 top Singapore culture shock for expatriates on their first time coming to this country. If you are curious about this matter, the following details will help to give you an overview.

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Food Street Stalls

One of the things that are quite amazing to find in this country is the food stalls. You can easily find many food street stalls, especially at night. In each district of Singapore, you can find various cuisine at affordable prices. Therefore, it is a unique culture but in the other way, it is also fun. You can taste many kinds of food at a cheaper price compared to the restaurant. So that it is a thing that you must try when visiting the country.

Singlish Language

Most Singapore culture shock can be seen through their language. Most Singaporean speak English, but when it comes to English in Singapore, you will find Singlish. Singlish is the English language added with a local accent. So that it is a little bit different from the common standard English. Therefore, if you try to have a conversation in Singapore, don’t get surprised with the Singaporean dialect. Furthermore, Singlish is the most language to use in the street. Except that you come into formal places, people will talk to you in a proper English language.

Expensive Cars

Another amazing thing to find while you stay in Singapore is that the prices of the cars are very expensive compared with any other country. The price of a car in Singapore can be 5 times more expensive than in Europe. So that you have to think many times before deciding to buy a car here. However, the best part of transportation is that Singapore links with a very good transportation system. So that even though you have no private car, you can always use public transport easier and with a comfortable feeling.

Tropical Weather

Singapore culture shock can also feel through its weather. Not like most of the European or American countries, but this country is located next to the equator line. So that you will find tropical weather in this country. Throughout the year there will be only two seasons, summer and rainy seasons. Most of the day you can feel that the weather is very humid. So that it will give you different sensation compared with the weather you find in other countries.

Chewing Gum is Prohibited

You need to note that Singapore is a very clean country. Therefore, chewing gum in this country is prohibited, especially when you are in the airport. The law about this is very strict in the country, so you should avoid gum while traveling around the country. But because of this strict law, most of the places in this country are very clean. No sticky gum anywhere in public. So that it makes the country comfortable and clean all the time.

Various Ethnic in One Country

Some countries only consist of one or two ethnicities, but not in Singapore. In this country even with a small area, you can find many ethnicities spread out all over the region. You can find Malay, Chinese, Indian, and also Arabian in this country. They live in separate sections of Singapore. Therefore, don’t get surprised if you find many cultures and people in this country. However, even though there are many different ethnicities, they all live peacefully together. And one of the best things from this is that you can find various tasting cuisine which comes from many ethnics in the country.

Luxury Shopping

It is also surprising that Singapore has certain places for luxury shopping. If you visit Orchard Road, you will find many luxuries branded stores around this area. Furthermore, a long queue always happens in these luxurious shops. You can even find many outlets of Louis Vuitton in one street, and still, each outlet has long queuing. Therefore, it is pretty amazing how the local Singaporeans are falling in love with the branded stuff.

Kiasuism in Singapore

In Singapore, you will also find one Singapore culture shock that is also amazing. It is called Kiasuism or fear of losing. As an example, if someone sees a long queue in a restaurant, they will follow again and again. So that the queue is getting too long. These people can even extremely wait for many hours just to get any seat in the restaurant. This is related to their feeling of losing the opportunity. Therefore, it is a common thing that happens in this country.

Those are all the top Singapore culture shocks that you can experience if you move to this country for the first time. However, it doesn’t mean that this culture shock will make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t feel worried about that, since you can get used too after a few months. Therefore, don’t feel doubt about coming or moving to this country. Since Singapore is one of the nice countries to visit and stay in.

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