Famous Singapore Food Street

Singapore is not only a country with many attractions, but the country also has many food streets that delicious and cheap. If you get all the lists of this Singapore food street, you will feel tempted to try each of this delicious food. However, a new foreigner might not recognize this food better. Therefore, to help you get the information, the following paragraphs will mention all the famous food streets in Singapore that are worth trying.

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Hainanese Chicken Rice

One of the famous food in Singapore is the Hainanese Chicken Rice. This food is not only delicious but also rich in flavor. Furthermore, not only able to get this dish in a restaurant or a mall, but you can also get a portion of this rice in Singapore street at a more affordable price. Therefore, try to visit some Chinese stalls that serve this dish in Singapore day or night. It will guarantee deliciousness at a cheaper cost to pay.

Fish Head Curry

If you love to try something spicy, then the next Singapore food street that is worth trying is the fish head curry. Not only rich in flavor, but it also helps to give good nutrition to your body. Since this is a food that is rich in protein and vitamins. Therefore, whenever you are having the chance, you can taste fish head curry on one of the Singapore streets.

Kaya Toast

One of the most famous breakfasts in Singapore is a portion of kaya toast. This is a toast with rich flavor from kaya jam that tastes sweet and melts in your mouth. That is why much Singaporean love to have this toast in the morning for their breakfast. Furthermore, it is easy to find kaya toast on every corner of Singapore’s street. The price is also very cheap and it gives enough calories to start the day and your job. So, put this kaya toast on your list whenever you travel to this country.

Chili Crab

Another interesting Singapore food street that is worth eating is chili crab. It is a plate of chili that cooks with spicy and chili sauce. So that it tastes not only delicious but spicy enough. The food is also cooked by stirring and then served with mantau. It is not only a perfect dish for your lunch, but it also accompanies your dinner. Furthermore, this street food is not only delicious, but the price is still reasonable too.


When you want to taste traditional food that rich in heritage flavor in your mouth, then you have to try laksa. You wouldn’t be able to say coming to this country without having laksa as one of your dishes while staying in this country. Plus, you can easily find a place selling laksa in most areas of Singapore. That is why it is one of the favorite Singapore food streets among Singaporean people. Not only taste good but laksa also feels nice in the throat. It tastes fresh, delicious, and sour at the same time.

Roti Prata

This food is an Indian cuisine that also can be easily found in many areas in Singapore. As one of the preferred Singapore food street, roti prata will have many selections to choose from. If you love the sweet taste, then you can try roti prata with cheese. But in case you want to eat some sour taste, you can eat this roti prata with curry. All will taste different but still be delicious in the mouth.

Fried Carrot Cake

Another Singapore food street that is also interesting to try is the fried carrot cake. This is a favorite street food made from white carrots or radish. It tastes delicious and can easily find in many streets of Singapore. The price is also cheap and it is mostly served with some eggs. So that not only tastes good but also can make your stomach feel full too.

Char Kway Teow

This traditional noodle is made from rice flour. Therefore, it has a different taste compared to other noodles. The food is also one of the favorite dishes among many other Singapore food streets. Therefore, no wonder if this food is a suitable selection to try whether for your lunch or your dinner.


Another street food that you will love is satay. This is a dish that serves with peanut sauce and tastes sweet in the mouth. It also has some sour taste. Therefore, it is rich in flavor and also nice to try.

Ice Kacang

For your dessert, never mist ice kacang as the best Singapore food street for beverages. Not only taste very sweet but it is also a good choice to avoid your thirsty throat. Not to mention that it consists of many toppings inside it.

Those are all the famous Singapore food street you will love after trying them. Therefore, don’t hesitate to plan a culinary journey in Singapore and taste this food. Not only cheap, but it will melt in your mouth so that you want to eat them again in the future. Even it is simple and selling on the street, it doesn’t mean that the food is not delicious enough.

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