Singapore Food Culture

Singapore food culture can be a recommendation for those of you who claim to be foodies. If you are currently in Singapore, then Singapore’s food culture needs to be tasted. The culinary world in Singapore certainly makes you curious. The taste of a typical food accompanied by the appearance of beautiful food certainly makes anyone who sees it become interested. Those of you who are curious and want to taste Singapore-style food can check out all the reviews below.

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Roti Prata

Every country always has several types of special foods that taste delicious and are always sought after by tourists who visit the country. Similarly, in Singapore, there is Roti Prata which from the name alone can be guessed that this food is a piece of bread. This typical Singaporean food is sometimes used as a breakfast menu and served along with meat or eggs or cheese and others. This form of bread is flat and often referred to as Indian bread. You can eat this bread with mixed curry dishes that have a spicy taste so that eating this bread will taste more delicious.

Kaya Toast

In addition to Roti Prata apparently, there is still other typical Singaporean bread that is also part of Singapore food culture liked by anyone who is enjoying culinary in the country of Singapore.

One of the bread that is also much sought after is Kaya Toast. As the name suggests, this bread can be imagined as bread that is baked and previously smeared with butter and jam precisely before baking or burning using charcoal. This bread is widely eaten as a snack and eaten together with a cup of tea to add mood or calm the heart. The taste is a blend of sweet and savory and bitter in between so that the taste of this bread seems unique.

Fish Head Curry

Another delicious Singapore food culture that can also be found and enjoyed in Singapore is the Fish Head Curry. As the name suggests, surely this food consists of a fish head which is then mixed with some kitchen spices or spices. Such as spices or spices salt and sugar and chili and many other spice mixtures.

The whole mixture of this existing spice makes it even more aspiring and tastes spicy enough to make anyone who eats it becomes addicted. This food is also called Indian style but is often sought after by tourists visiting Singapore.

Super Satay

Lovers of spiced meat apparently can also choose other menus in Singapore such as the Super Satay menu. This typical Singaporean food is apparent in the form of several juicy pieces of meat that are then pierced using certain skewers. After being pierced the generality of this food is baked to cause the perfect fragrance to increase your appetite. This pricked and braided meat is then served along with gravy or crispy peanut sauce. Of course, this dish has a delicious taste and makes anyone who tastes it so like it.

Chili Crab

Chili crab is also one type of Singapore food culture that is also much sought after in Singapore. From the name alone, it can be imagined that this one menu has a spicy taste but still tastes delicious on the tongue. The spicy taste is right so it will not make you feel kapok to eat it. The sauce for crab served, in this case, is so abundant that every spice of the sauce can penetrate the crab to be eaten. This tasty menu can be found in various restaurants or places to eat in Singapore.

Hokkien Mie

Hokkien Mie or also commonly called and known as Hokkian Noodles is a main menu in Singapore that is known to be very delicious. Usually, this type of noodle is served along with broth derived from pork bones. Or it could be that the broth is made from shrimp.

This broth is doused into fried noodles so that the texture of the noodles tends to fit and is not too mushy. Precisely these thin noodles taste more delicious and coupled with the presence of seafood or pork toppings or maybe eggs. Almost everyone likes this one noodle menu because it tastes good and suits the tongue of the tourists.

Laksa Singapore

Laksa Singapore is the last menu discussed in this article. Laksa Singapore is the main Singapore food culture that is always sought after in Singapore because this menu is typical of this country. In this menu, there are usually noodles that are thick and round. Usually, these noodles are eaten along with several toppings in the form of seafood. This food is served in a spicy and reddish-colored sauce. The taste is no doubt because certainly very delicious.

Singapore food culture consists of several types of food above with delicious taste. Once you try it, you will feel addicted so you want to continue eating it. To be able to taste and enjoy some of the foods that have been mentioned above, of course, you can get them at certain culinary spots or places to eat in Singapore. All the food culture from Singapore will spoil your tongue much.

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