Singapore Discovery Centre

The holiday in Singapore is full of exciting activities and moments. One of the things to plan is to visit Singapore Discovery Centre. There are many attractions to see in this place. Furthermore, there are also some more interesting things to see. However, you may not be able to plan a suitable vacation in this area without proper preparation. Plus, you might have less information regarding the place such as the opening hours, the location, and how to get there. For more brief information on Singapore Discovery Centre, the following paragraphs can help to explain further.

About Singapore Discovery Centre

Singapore Discovery Centre is one of the most attractive places in the country. This place will give you an overview related to the full history of Singapore country. This is a nonprofit place so that you can freely explore all the attractions and entertainment around this place.

To help anyone exploring the place, it has many services from multi-sensory learning machine, the integrated theme for the exhibition, and many more. So that anyone who comes to this place will feel optimum leisure while watching the history behind Singapore country.

Opening Hours

If you plan to visit the place, you need to see the opening hours. So that you can easily prepare for your trip and vacation to this place. As informed in the official webpage, this area is open for the public starting from 11.00 AM up to 7.00 PM depending on the exhibition location. Therefore, you need to certainly make sure what kind of attraction you want to attend while visiting Singapore Discovery Centre. Since the opening hours and the exhibition, the schedule might be varying.

For example, Sandbox Gallery is open from 12.00 PM to 7.00 PM with the last entry being at 6.45 PM. While if you plan to visit the entire place through a tour, then it will happen at 2.00 PM, 4.00 PM, and 6.00 PM on the weekdays. A different time during the weekend, since you can start the tour in advance at noon.

How to Get There

For those who plan to visit the place for the first time, don’t forget to check the transportation available to get to the place. So that you wouldn’t get lost and will be able to reach the destination on time. It is easy to find Singapore Discovery Centre from Singapore City Centre. Since it is not too far away from the city center. Simply use an MRT via East-West Line and then stop at Joo Koon Station. From here, you can continue to use bus number 182 or 182M. So that you can arrive at the place directly.

In case you drive a car or use a taxi, you can have two alternatives to reach the location. The first way is through Pan Island Expressway, and the second way is through Central Expressway. Both will estimate you to arrive at the location within 30 minutes only. Therefore, you can plan a visit to the city center first before going to Singapore Discovery Centre.

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Facilities in Singapore Discovery Centre

Similar to most places in Singapore, this place is also completed with many facilities for their visitors. Therefore, no need to worry if you need to go to the toilet. You can also plan to have lunch in the restaurant area that is available around the place. Furthermore, there are also information centers that can help you in case of any queries. So that you don’t need to be afraid of getting lost while seeing many attractions in the area.

Attraction in Singapore Discovery Centre

Not only complete with many facilities for the tourist, but this place also has many options of attraction to see. Either for a group or personal, there are many attractions to enjoy. Such as a sandbox exhibit gallery that will bring you to enjoy a full moment to see some nice exhibitions that are not available in any other places in Singapore. You can also try to have an awesome escape game in this area. You can find many themes to play according to your preference and like. Therefore, make sure to carefully select so that you can get a suitable place to visit when coming to Singapore Discovery Centre.

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Other attractions in the area include retreats, carnival, family day, and some more. Therefore, you can have your family moment and celebration in this area. You can also celebrate your birthday in this place. All you need to do is to plan accordingly so that you can get services as you preferred.  You can play battlefield, pedal boat, paintball as much as you like. As long as you have properly planned your holiday in the area and book your ticket in advance, you can get some exciting day while staying here.

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Through the information above, you can properly plan a visit to Singapore Discovery Centre. So that if you want a nice trip and enjoy a full pleasure moment in this area, you can arrange everything easily. Through the information above, you can estimate your visiting hours and manage your visit accordingly to this area. So that you will enjoy an optimum pleasure time and create some special moments while staying in Singapore.