Grand Park Orchard

Anyone visiting Singapore must have known about Grand Park Orchard as one of the interesting places. There are many things to perform in this area, plus they’re also some interesting attractions here too. Therefore, whenever you plan to visit Singapore, you must include this place as one of the places to come. However, it will be necessary to properly plan your vacation in this country. So that your holiday can be done according to your expectation. Similar thing when you want to include Grand Park Orchard as one of your destinations while staying in this country. For more information and an overview, read the following paragraphs.

About Grand Park Orchard Hotel

For those who plan to visit Singapore for the first time, it is necessary to get sufficient information related to this place. Grand Park Orchard is one of the interesting destinations. However, you need to know everything about this place before deciding to visit here. Starting from the history behind this place up to various attractions to see around this area.

The history of this place started from the Orchard Road area where there are many iconic buildings around this place. So that many tourists love to see and visit this place, either for shopping or just to experience something different. This is the reason why this awesome place is then built. To service many tourists that want to stay around Orchard Road, the Grand Park Orchard Hotel is then built.

This hotel offers many interesting facilities starting from a nice swimming pool, various selection of room, up to some delicious food in their restaurant. Everything put in this hotel is perfect to enjoy in supporting a nice long holiday in Singapore. That is why many tourists are interested to come to this place and decide to spend the whole vacation in this hotel. Not to mention that you can only visit this place for swimming and exercising with some amount of charge.

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How to Get There

If you think that Grand Park Orchard is a suitable place to come, then you need to find out how to get to this place in an easy way. Whenever you come to Singapore, you will have several options for transportation according to your available budget. This is necessary since you need to arrange your transportation to this hotel property.

If you have the minimum budget, then you can use public transportation. As you know Singapore uses MRT to connect each area together. In the same way, if you plan to reach this place with public transport, then you can select to use MRT. Simply select MRT from the airport and then choose Orchard MRT Station as your stopping point. From this MRT station, you can simply walk to the hotel since it is only 250 meters away. You can even easily see the building once you get out from the MRT station. Therefore, it is an easy place to find and to come.

In case you have more budget and plan to bring your family to this hotel, then selecting airport transfer is the best option to make. You can use airport transportation by paying the fare according to the terms given by the transportation. So that you can directly reach the hotel without worrying about getting lost.

Attractive Things to See Around Grand Park Orchard

The next thing that is commonly asked by the tourist is the attractive location around Grand Park Orchard Singapore. As a hotel located in a strategic place, no need to feel worried about looking for a suitable attraction in this area. Since next to the hotel, you can find many stores and go shopping as necessary. Plus, you can also enjoy other activities such as trying the local food or spending the afternoon get some nice pictures around the place.

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Grand Park Orchard Services

It will be interesting to see various services provided by Grand Park Orchard Singapore. Since not many of the tourists have experience staying in this hotel. Therefore, a preliminary overview of the facilities can be necessary. In case you come to this hotel, the following services are provided.

  • There is a nice restaurant in this hotel that serves you breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • A swimming pool is available to use anytime. You can be relaxing and let your body do some fun exercise through swimming.
  • The hotel also has a gym area for those who want to keep healthy and keep their fit condition during the holiday.
  • There is also an airport transfer that can help the visitor to use the transport and reach the hotel easily from the airport.
  • This hotel also provides a massage center to help you feel relaxing during your holiday here.

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It is clear that Grand Park Orchard is a nice place to visit whenever you come for a holiday in Singapore. You will find that this is an awesome place to come and many things you can perform during your vacation in this area. So that, in the end, it will give you a pleasant moment that is unforgettable too. Furthermore, you can experience something different while visiting Singapore on your vacation.