GST Singapore | Goods and Services Tax in Singapore

GST Singapore or known as Good and Service Text is an unavoidable thing. You can also call it by the term of returning taxes on goods and services that can be accepted by foreign tourists. It is more profitable for tourists or foreign tourists.

For those of you who want to visit Singapore, there is nothing wrong with trying to understand this tax refund. Later you can get your money back. You should know correctly how to get a tax refund scheme and how you can get your money back.

Tax Refund Scheme of GST Singapore

GST Singapore | Goods and Services Tax in Singapore

Those who may be currently tourists in Singapore may be interested in tax refunds. At least this tax refund system can be useful for foreign tourists.

Those of you who are foreign tourists in Singapore to get this tax refund should know about the scheme. Those of you who purchase products worth more than S$100, you can claim a tax refund. This purchased product includes tax so you can make a claim.

In this case, the amount of the claim on the tax return amounted to 7%. So this GST Singapore of 7% shall pay when purchasing goods in a specialty store. When purchasing goods, you can exchange a maximum of 3 receipts or invoices. The exchange of this receipt or invoice should have been done on the same day.

This redemption can be done at stores with the same GST Singapore registration number. In addition, also pay attention to many of your purchases, namely this minimum of S$100. So you need to find a store that is accompanied by the Tax-Free logo. Or you can also look for other signs in the store, for example looking for signs posted in the store.

Finding a store can also be done by checking it directly. So you can check with the seller in the store. Ask if your purchase is eligible for a Goods and Services Tax refund or not.

Tax Refund Mode for Travelers

The Tax Amnesty Objectives

1. Not a Singaporean

The goods tax refund is basically for those of you who are not Singaporean citizens. Not even for those of you who are foreigners but live in Singapore.

2. Age 16 years and above

The goods tax refund also applies only to those of you who are already 16 years old and above. This 16-year-old is exactly when you purchase goods.

3. Leaving Singapore by air

You can also get a tax refund exactly when you leave the airline. So you can leave the country via Changi Airport or Seletar Airport only.

4. Purchase according to the provisions

Goods tax refunds can be made for certain goods only. It is precisely the goods that are sold in certain stores. So you can search in advance which store will you purchase in.

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How eTRS Works

The Singapore Income Tax

1. Understand eTRS

Before making a tax return, you must first understand eTRS. The term eTRS itself stands for Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme. The existence of this eTRS is presented to help you in applying for a GST Singapore refund. Its services are provided electronically. This service is aimed at replacing the use of return form paper. So this method arguably offers an easier way for anyone to get a tax refund.

2. Present the passport

If you shop at a retailer that turns out to be included in the eTRS then you can show your passport. Just show your passport directly. This will help you to demonstrate your eligibility following the TRS.

3. Exit of eTRS transactions

The eTRS transaction will later come out and you receive it automatically. Precisely at the moment when you apply for a GST return at the service kiosk. You can get this service at the airport automatically.

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Getting a Tax Refund

The Definition of Tax Report

1. Through the eTRS kiosk at the airport

Your GST Singapore refund application can be done using the eTRS self-service kiosk. For that, you need to arrive at the airport early. Then you have enough time to process the GST return and then follow the instructions. You can do this at the kiosk located at the airport.

2. Through certain applications

Tax refunds can also be made using certain applications. So you can download certain mobile apps. We recommend that you can download this app either before or while in Singapore.

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GST Singapore Hike in the Future

GST Singapore expected to increase in the coming years. This increase is certainly accompanied by economic conditions that are also rising. Starting from per capita income to national income, it is also expected to increase.

Similarly, the goods tax is inevitable increasing. In this day and age, the tax rate imposed in Singapore has even been announced to be rising. Of course, this increase is carried out gradually so that it does not burden the residents too much. Both locals from native Singaporeans and foreigners who later settled in Singapore. But after all, this tax increase has been well thought out.

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GST Singapore, which was 7%, is expected to increase to 9%. The gradual increase is needed to cover other needs that are also important for citizens. Foreign tourists shall not worry because they can get this tax again.