Singapore Culture and Traditions

Singapore is one of the countries with many interesting cultures and traditions. That is why it is a country that is worth visiting by many foreigners. Being in this country, you will be able to feel the different cultures in a different spot of the country. Therefore, it can mention that Singapore’s culture and tradition vary. For those who are interested to know more about this information, the paragraphs below will help to describe Singapore culture and common Singapore traditions that still exist today.

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Singapore Culture on Language

One of the interesting cultures that you might feel surprised about is the language. This country uses two kinds of language for their daily conversation. The first is the common Singapore English standard that comes from the early year. This language can help to ease every Singaporean to communicate with each other and to understand the purpose of each person very well. This country consists of many ethnic inside it, including Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Arabians.

However, it is also interesting to know that Singapore also uses Singlish as the daily language for conversation. This is similar to the common English language, but it adds a certain dialect that is mostly influenced by Chinese. Therefore, there is a difference between formal English and this Singlish language. For those Singaporean, Singlish is more suitable to perform between family and friends. But for more formal occasions, then standard English is advisable.

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Ethnic Area in Singapore

Whenever you have time to visit Singapore, you can easily find some districts with certain cultures and traditions. Some of the biggest districts are Katong, Kampong Glam, Geylang Serai, Little India, and Chinatown. Therefore, in each of these places, you can find certain traditions and unique cultures according to each ethnicity.

Geylang Serai and Kampong Glam are mostly dominant by local Singaporean Malay ethnic. Therefore, anyone with Malay ethnic will enjoy a trip to this area. You can find many Malays heritage in the center of this district. You can also easily find some Malay foods and clothes at a reasonable price in this area. Not to mention that during Ramadhan, there are more celebrations in this district for one month long until Hari Raya is coming.

The next district is Katong, which this area is famous for Singapore culture and tradition Peranakan. The word Peranakan means that it is a combination of Malay and Chinese ethnic, that result in awesome and unique culture in between. Therefore, no need to be amazing if you feel Peranakan dish and unique housing architecture around this area.

Little India is the next district famous for its Indian races. In this area, you can easily find anything related to Indian clothes, Indian food, and many more. It is also serving a various selection of vegan dishes. Therefore, it is one of the places worth seeing when you come to Singapore.

While Chinatown along with its name is a place for Chinese communities in Singapore. Here you can find many Chinese attractions and some delicious Chinese food. You will also be able to find a nice Chinese market that can bring you various interesting stuff at an affordable price. Therefore, don’t forget to visit this place whenever you come to Singapore. Enjoy the unique tradition of Singaporean Chinese in this district.

Singapore Festivals

Since the country is mixed with many ethnicities, you will be able to see many festivals whenever you come to this country. Each district usually will show its specific festivals on a certain day. Therefore, you just have to get information about the exact date to come to a specific district and enjoy relevant festivals.

As a sample, you will find Barong attractions during Chinese New Year in most areas of Chinatown. Therefore, if you love to watch this unique attraction, you can visit Chinatown on that day. Another sample is the Deepavali Festival that mostly celebrates in Little India during Hindu Diwali Day. Therefore, prepare yourself accordingly if you want to watch the festival in this area.

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Popular Singapore Culture

Even though Singapore is famous for specific ethnic’s cultures, there is a common culture in this country too. If you come to this country, you can find that most of the music cultures are varies from pop, rock, classic, and many more. Therefore, no need to be afraid that their music is not aligned with your favorite music. Singapore is also well known for their artist who plays various kind of music.

Another culture that is famous in this country is related to its art. Singapore is rich with various art creations. You can find some nice performing arts of music, or find some beautiful murals in certain places. The museum also has many exhibitions to enjoy. So that in case you travel to Singapore, you can also spare time to enjoy this art and exhibition.

Those all some overviews about Singapore culture and tradition that are interesting to see. With many ethnicities and various populations within the country, Singapore is one of the places with a rich culture to witness. Therefore, it will be interesting to plan a trip to this country. Enjoy some of the attractions in the country, and feel the magic of each culture inside it.

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