Singapore Technology University

Singapore is a country that is not only famous for its attractions, but this country also has some nice universities to choose from. There are even some selections of Singapore technology university that are worth trying. Therefore, no wonder every year, there are many students from other countries who come to visit Singapore to study. In case you feel interested and want to be part of the student in these universities, the following paragraphs can be your best information to start.

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Singapore University of Technology and Design

The first selection of Singapore technology university is Singapore University of Technology and Design. This is a place where most of the major will focus on technology and design. So that it can be a suitable place for those who wish to study about engineering. This university was founded by Thomas L. Magnanti, a professor who associate with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT. Therefore, no further doubt about the university curriculum and its learning focus.

The university consists of undergraduate programs and graduate programs. There are five main pillars for the undergraduate programs consisting of CSD, EPD, ESD, ASD, and DAI. This program will last for four years, typical of most undergraduate programs in another country. While for the graduate programs, it will take two years’ full-time dual master’s degree program with MIT. The focus of this graduate program includes Civil and Environmental Engineering, Supply Chain Management, or Engineering in Manufacturing.

With that overview, it is clear that the university is a good place to study for many students in Asia. So that it will be worth considering this campus as an option. Furthermore, it is a public autonomous university. Located next to upper Changi station, the campus is easy to reach and also in a strategic location to visit.

Nanyang Technological University

Another famous Singapore technology university is Nanyang Technological University. Every year, not only local Singaporeans but also students from other countries try to study in this place. Since Nanyang Technological University is famous for its reputation and good record. So that it is one of the most favorite places in Singapore and also Asian for study.

Nanyang Technology University is a national research university located in Singapore which includes one of the oldest autonomous universities in this country. It includes the top 20 universities in the world consistently. So that is no wonder that many students from abroad are keen to have their degree on this campus. Furthermore, it ranks 1st among young universities by QS World University Rankings from 2015 to 2021. It also notes an award as the 12th rank global in QS World University Rankings. So that it is clear that Nanyang is one of the best campuses to study in the world.

In this university, the student who wants to learn more about technology can select the college of engineering and the college of science. In college engineering, it consists of several selections including Chemical and Biomedical, Civil and Environmental, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, Materials Science, Mechanical and Aerospace.  While if you are interested to join the college of science, it consists of the school of biological science, the school of physical and mathematical sciences, and the school of environment.

Singapore Institute of Technology

Another selection of Singapore technology universities including Singapore Institute of Technology. This institute focuses on various majors in technology and includes the fifth Singapore autonomous university. It was established in 2009 and is located at Drover Driver, Singapore. However, it also has other five locations including Punggol that next to the MRT station. Therefore, it can be said that the campus location is reachable from many areas in Singapore.

Singapore Institute of Technology applied some degree programs consisting of Engineering (ENG), Chemical Engineering and Food Technology (CEFT), Infocomm Technology (ICT), Health and Social Sciences (HSS), and Design and Specialised Businesses (DSB). Furthermore, it offers some graduate programs in engineering too. Therefore, it has many selections for those who plan to study engineering majors.

Another interesting thing to get from this institute is that it partners with some overseas universities. So that the students will not only experience study in Singapore but also have a chance to study in other countries. So that it can be a good way to increase the capability, not only in terms of technology and lesson but also in terms of language and socialization. Currently, the institute is working together with Digipen Institute of Technology in the USA, New Castle University in English, Technical University of Munich, Trinity College Dublin, University of Glasgow, University of Liverpool, and Massey University in New Zealand. Through this partnership, the student can get more experience in learning or studying their major accordingly.

Through the information above, anyone interested to study in Singapore now will have a sufficient overview. It may not easy to select between the above Singapore technology university. Since all universities are complete with good curriculum and reputation. Therefore, before applying you can check the details related to the tuition fee and preference major. So that you can end up with the most suitable selection among all the above lists.

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