Overview of Singapore Transportation System

Singapore is one of the interesting countries that is not only rich in attraction but also has a certain appropriate system. Such as the Singapore transportation system that is well-arranged and well-connected. So that anyone who comes to this country will experience pleasure moment taking public transportation anywhere in Singapore. Whether only to take a local trip, or planning to go to another country. You can find much selection of transportation in Singapore. For more information, related to this transportation system, the following paragraphs will help to give the overview.

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Road Transport in Singapore

One of the most common transportation systems is road transportation. Most people will prefer this kind of transport for their daily activities. Similarly, when you stay in Singapore, you can find nice road transportation in this country.

Singapore currently has many road transportations that are well connected one and each other. One of the main public road transportation is a bus with many bus stops available in a certain area in Singapore. Not only buses, but you can easily find many taxis around this country. Mainly if you stay in the city center, you can get a taxi very easily anytime.

Another interesting thing to know about the support of Singapore’s transportation system for the road is that this country owns many expressways. So that you don’t have to worry about traffic in case you choose to use a private car while traveling around the country. Not to mention that the distance between cities and regions in Singapore is very near. So that you only take several minutes to reach anywhere from the Singapore city center.

Rail Transport in Singapore

The next Singapore transportation system that is very famous and preferable is rail transport. There are three kinds of rail transport in this country, the first is Mass Rapid Transit or MRT, the second is Light Rail Transit or LRT, and the third is international rail links. Each has advantages and disadvantages according to its function and system. Therefore, selecting the best type of rail transportation will depend on your needs and budget too.

MRT is the most preferable public transportation in this country. Since MRT connects all regions in Singapore very well. Wherever you go, you can choose to use MRT from and to the MRT stations. Mostly this station is available in important spots in Singapore. Such as in Sentosa Island, Orchard, Bugis, Chinatown, and many more. Therefore, no wonder this is the most common public transportation to select by Singaporeans.

Another choice is to use LRT, it is a nice public transport with a good transportation system and network too. Therefore, it is another selection to complete all the transportation choices while staying in Singapore. While the last is the international rail links that can connect Singapore to Malaysia. Therefore, if you plan to go to Malaysia through Singapore, this train can be one of your options. Through this train, you can visit Johor Bahru, Malaysia only for several minutes. Then you can also continue the trip up to Kuala Lumpur.

Air Transport in Singapore

Another selection of Singapore’s transportation system is air transport. This is a common selection for those who plan to travel from another country. Therefore, air transport is most likely used for an international flight. For information, there are also some options of Singapore airlines that give service flights to other countries. Such as Singapore Airlines is a premium airline service, while for a cheaper selection, you can try to use Jetstar Airways.

In case you need to make travel via air transport, then you need to reach Singapore International Airport Changi. This is a place where any flights from other countries will arrive. It is also a place where any flights from Singapore to another country will be performed. While to reach this airport, you can use a train from the city center to get to the airport only within around 30 minutes.

Maritime Transport in Singapore

It is also nice to know that Singapore transportation system not only focuses on land and air but also on maritime too. At the moment, the port of Singapore is one of the busiest ports in the world since this port has so many activities. Starting from export and import shipping, up to passenger ships will be coming and depart from this port. Therefore, no wonder is the port activities last for 24 hours.

To reach the port in Singapore, you can select several kinds of transportation. You can use road transportation or select rail transportation to reach this place. However, both will require less than one hour from the city center. Therefore, never worry that you will stuck in a long hour to get and reach the harbor in this country.

Through all the explanations above, it is clear that Singapore transportation system is quite promising and satisfying. So that in case you have to live or visit the country, you will get no difficulty in using the public transportation. With a nice system in this transportation, it makes Singapore one of a nice country to live in. Therefore, no wonder every year many foreigners love to choose their new life in Singapore.

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