Best Bank for Foreigners in Singapore

What is the best bank for foreigners? Every year many foreigners come to Singapore either to have a business transaction or to perform a new job role. This activity leads to the need of making a savings account in a local Singapore bank.

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So it is necessary to get an overview related to the best bank for foreigners in Singapore. Of course, there are several banks to select.

Best Bank for Foreigners in Singapore 2022

Best Bank for Foreigners in Singapore

However, as a newcomer, some of the foreigners in this country have a difficult way of selecting which bank is suitable to choose from. Therefore, to give more brief about this thing, the following are the best bank for foreigners in Singapore that are worth selecting.


Best Bank for Foreigners in Singapore: OCBC. One of the best bank for foreigners in Singapore is OCBC which stand for Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation. This bank is suitable for foreigners since it has many branches located outside Singapore too.

Plus, it has many overseas branches all over the world that will ease you to perform financial transactions anywhere. With a good guarantee of service from the bank, it is noted as the most trusted bank in Singapore among many foreigners and expatriates.

2. Standard Chartered

Best Bank for Foreigners in Singapore: Standard Chartered. Another option is to select Standard Chartered. This is an American Bank that has been established in Singapore for a quite long time. The bank offers many services starting from saving accounts, credit card accounts, and many more. So that anyone mainly foreigners in Singapore recommends using this bank as their primary saving account while staying in Singapore.

3. Citibank

Best Bank for Foreigners in Singapore: Citibank. The next best bank for foreigners in Singapore is Citibank. This is one of the trusted banks that also has been established in the country for many years.

Citibank as an American bank offers various services offline and online. It also has an interesting rate and service fee too, so many foreigners decide to select Citibank as their account either for business or for payroll.

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Through this bank, your daily financial transaction will be not only easy but also secure. With this trustable security system, it makes Citibank is the most preferred bank among expatriates who live around the Singapore area.


Best Bank for Foreigners in Singapore: HSBC. Another best bank for foreigners in Singapore is HSBC which stands for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. This bank was established in Hong Kong but then it develops many branches all over the world.

One of the branches is located in Singapore and it is also completed with various services and many ATMs across the country. That is why HSBC is one of the trusted banks that is suitable for foreigners. Supported with good customer services and products, the bank is a nice selection either to save money or to perform daily financial transactions in Singapore with low charges.

5. UOB

Best Bank for Foreigners in Singapore: UOB. The next preferable bank in Singapore is UOB or United Overseas Bank. This is one of the biggest banks in Singapore and including one of the best banks for foreigners in Singapore.

UOB offers many services such as saving accounts, deposits account, credit cards, and also business loans. Anyone who plans to stay in Singapore to perform business or a job is recommended to create an account in this bank. So that the daily financial transaction can be performed easily with less charge to be applied.

6. DBS Bank

Best Bank for Foreigners in Singapore: DBS Bank. DBS Bank Limited is also a good bank that recommends for many expatriates or foreigners in Singapore. DBS establish its first branch in Marina Bay Singapore and keeps developing another branch until today. It has many ATM machines across the country.

Furthermore, it provides many financial services for their customer. Starting from saving accounts to support the daily transaction, up to business loans that can be used for expanding the business. With proper digital services from this bank, many foreigners prefer to use the service of DBS Bank for their primary account.

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7. ANZ Bank

est Bank for Foreigners in Singapore: ANZ Bank. If you need another option of the best bank for foreigners in Singapore, then you can consider ANZ Bank as one of them. This is a good bank with many services to choose from. Therefore, no need to be worry if you plan to create a saving account with many ATM and online banking service availabilities.

By selecting ANZ Bank, your daily financial transaction can be well covered. Not to mention that this bank promises excellent services to their customer. So that ANZ Bank always become a trustable bank for many Singaporean, locals, or foreigners.

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Those are all the best banks for foreigners in Singapore that promising and trustable. Through making a saving account with the above banks, you can get the best services along with the best rate and security. So that either you need a local Singaporean bank account for business or for payroll, those banks are the suitable lists to try. With a suitable selection, it will ease your daily financial transaction while you stay in Singapore.