Top University in Portugal

What is top university in Portugal? Portugal is not only famous for its beautiful land. But the country also has several good rates of colleges. In case you search for a top university in Portugal, you will find that the county has many options for this selection.

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Top University in Portugal

However, most people might not aware of the top list of colleges in the country. To help give some overview, the following is the top university in Portugal that is worth considering.

University of Porto

The top university in Portugal is the University of Porto. This is a famous university that is not only the best in Portugal but also the best in Europe. Therefore, many students around Europe are also interested to join the college here.

The university was established in 1911 and offers postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It is known as the best college for science in Portugal. So that it is a good choice for those who wish to select engineering majors for their degree. It is also one of the 200 best colleges in Europe. Furthermore, the University of Porto is ranked 295 in QS and ranked 401 versus Times.

University of Lisbon

The next top university in Portugal that is also worth considering is the University of Lisbon. The college also called as Universidade de Lisboa. It is one of the oldest universities in the country that has numerous majors to select from.

Not only focusing on the study, but the university also builds a good social environment. So that anyone studying in this college will get a balanced knowledge. So that it will benefit help its graduate to perform better in their future work environment.

New University of Lisbon

Another name for a top university in Portugal is the New University of Lisbon. The college also famous as Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Established in 1973, the college is not only famous in Portugal but also famous in other countries around Europe. Therefore, no wonder every year this place accepts several students across the country.

The New University of Lisbon offers a strong major program in health and medicine. Therefore, it is a good selection for those who want to focus on studying this major. With several campuses’ locations, the student will be able to select a suitable place to study. Namely in Lisbon, Cascais, Oeiras, and Almada.

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University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra can also be considered the top university in Portugal. This college is not only a good place to study, but it is also one of the oldest colleges in Portugal. Since the university was established in 1290 and currently keeps the Portuguese-speaking word for their lecture. Furthermore, it has many experiences to teach its students accordingly.

Refers to the QS ranking, the University of Coimbra is getting 455 ranks. While referring to Times, it ranks 601. Overall, this is a good college to study at with many faculties to select from.

Starting from the Faculty of Laws, the Faculty of Medicine, and up to the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. Each faculty offers at least two kinds of majors to study. Such as the Faculty of Laws which consists of a Law major and a Public Administration major.

Catholic University of Portugal

If you want to know a top university in Portugal that is also interesting, then you can try to select the Catholic University of Portugal. This college was established in 1967 and each year the college gains a better reputation locally and internationally. Therefore, no wonder this college is also a desirable place to study by many local students in Portugal and also foreign students from other countries in Europe.

The Catholic University of Portugal offers many majors to select for graduates. It also has several campus locations, such as in Viseu, Braga, Lisbon, and Porto. Therefore, the students can have more options for their study places.

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University of Aveiro

It is also interesting to know that the University of Aveiro is also another top university in Portugal which is also favored by many local students. It is famous for the top-quality courses provided for students in Portugal. Not to mention that the colleges have good facilities and location. So that it will be a nice and comfortable place to study.

The University of Aveiro offers many postgraduate and undergraduate programs. It was established in 1973 and is suitable to learn about conducting some specific research.

University of Minho

The last top university in Portugal that is worth considering is the University of Minho. This college has several campuses location, including Largo do Paço (rectorate), in Braga, Campus of Gualtar, in Braga, Convento dos Congregados, in Braga, and Campus of Azurém, in Guimarães.

The University of Minho was established in 1973 and currently offers various interesting courses for the students. It also provides several majors for undergraduate, master’s degree, and doctoral degrees.

So that in case you want to continue your degree in the college, it will be acceptable. Not only giving some suitable majors selection for study but the campus is also completed with suitable facilities for the students.

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By getting an overview of a top university in Portugal above, you can estimate which college will suit you the best. Whether in terms of location, offered majors, or also the cost. By comparing and each other, you will get a nice place to continue your degree in Portugal accordingly.