10 Top University in Texas, Which One is The Best?

The top university in Texas is ranked based on various categories and criteria. Starting from the academic value, the admission process, to the financial terms. Therefore, each criterion can result in different ranks of universities.

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Top University in Texas

However, in Texas, several major universities are favorites among local students. Not just local, but it is also famous among foreign students. For more information related to the lists of the top university in Texas, see the following explanation.

10 Top University in Texas, Which One is The Best?

Rice University

The top university in Texas which is most favorite among all universities is Rice University. This university is located in the museum district in Houston. Currently, the university offers up to 50 undergraduate majors and three master’s programs.

Furthermore, all of these majors can be completed online. Therefore, any overseas student will be able to conduct their study without an additional fee for living. However, this regulation might be subject to following the new situation of the campus.

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University of Texas Austin

The next top university in Texas that is also a favorite among many local students is the University of Texas Austin. This place offers 170 undergraduate programs, 100 graduate degrees, and several Ph.D. programs.

Therefore, there are many selections of programs to choose from. Including some of the popular majors such as Business, Biology, and Economics. Furthermore, this place also offers many organizations and clubs for the students. Including the famous sports team called Longhorn.

Trinity University

For those searching for more options among the top university in Texas, you can go and select Trinity University. This is also one of the most famous universities in the country. So that every year this place accepts thousands of students, locals and foreign.

This place is located in San Antonio and was founded in 1869. Currently, the university offers more than 47 undergraduate degrees to select from. It is also a member of Annapolis Group, a consortium of national independent colleges with a shared commitment to liberal arts values. Since one of its strength majors is its art institution.

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Texas A&M University College Station

Another top university in Texas is Texas A&M University College Station. It is one of the huge campuses in the Texas region. Furthermore, it offers many interesting majors such as Liberal Arts and Humanities, Agricultural Business, and Psychology.

Texas A&M University College Station costs an average of almost 20,000 USD per year. However, this place offers some scholarships for the best students. Furthermore, it also has online programs and online courses for a more saving way to study here.

Southwestern University

Southwestern University is also one of the top universities in Texas. This is can say as the oldest college in Texas since it was established in 1840. Therefore, no wonder the university offers many majors for its students. Located in Georgetown, Texas, this college has an entrance exam for its applicants. However, it also provides a scholarship for the best student in this college.

Baylor University

For those searching for another top university in Texas, then Baylor University can also be a good selection. This university is located around Waco, Texas with more than 13,000 students enrolled every year in this college. It offers many majors, and some of the favorite majors in the college include Nursing, Biology, and Accounting.

Furthermore, Baylor University also has hundred student organizations. So that the student not only will get a nice study experience but also nice organizational experiences.

University of Dallas

Most students in Texas must acknowledge the University of Dallas as one of the top universities in Texas. This place offers many majors including Bachelor’s degrees, post-baccalaureate certificates, Master’s degrees, and doctorates. Established in the year 1956, the university is located in the heart of Dallas as the name implies.

Furthermore, it is noted that this college offers common studies covering philosophy, theology, history, literature, politics, economics, mathematics, science, art, and a foreign language in the first two years.

Southern Methodist University

Another top university in Texas is Southern Methodist University. This college is famous for its African and Mexican-American students. Located in the area of metropolitan Dallas, the university is easy to reach. Furthermore, it also has more than 200 clubs for student organizational activities. So that each student who decides to study in this college will not only experience good knowledge. But they will also get a nice experience of other things such as sports and arts.

LeTourneau University

The next top university in Texas including LeTourneau University. This college is located in Longview, Texas, and offers many undergraduate and graduate majors. Every year, this college not only accepts local students. But it also accepts students from foreign countries.

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Texas Tech University

Those who want to join other lists of the top university in Texas can go to Texas Tech University. This is a huge campus with more than 150 majors to select. So that it gives more opportunities for many kinds of the student to study in this college.

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Reading the above list of top university in Texas, at least it can give an overview of the favorite college in the area. So that it will provide certain selection matches with the student criteria. However, the most important thing is to prepare the admission accordingly. So that it will manage your application to be accepted in one of those universities.