12 Top University in UK, Which One is The Best?

What is the top university in UK? The top university in the UK certainly has the best quality for anyone who wants to study here.

Studying at the best university located in the UK can be the best choice for you. Those of you who plan to continue studying in the UK now do not need to worry. Because in the UK many campuses will provide the best educational services.

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Top University in UK (United Kingdom)

12 Top University in UK, Which One is The Best?

Of course, you will gain knowledge and insight and hone skills in the UK. Moreover, if the campus you choose is indeed right and follows your interests and desires. Various campuses of universities in the UK that become an option for you include the following.

University of Oxford

It seems that almost all students who want to continue their studies want to study at Oxford University. You could say this university is the oldest in England. Until now the University of Oxford is in demand by many people. This campus is known to have scored many of the world’s leading alumni. Even outstanding alumni are also printed by this university so that their names soar even more.

University of Cambridge

In addition to Oxford, there is still other top university in UK that are so in demand by many people. This university is the University of Cambridge which of course the name has also often been heard. It is also arguably the oldest university in the UK and has been competing with Oxford University for a long time.

London School of Economics and Politics Science

For those of you who are very interested in studying social and political science, of course, there is no need to bother choosing a campus. At the London School of Economics and Politics Science, of course, you can get an education with a focus on social and political sciences.

University of Edinburgh

You can find the top university in UK that certainly provides the best educational services. For example, the University of Edinburgh is located in the United Kingdom. The campus that is predicted to have been built for a long time even provides scholarships for international students who want to study on this campus.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is also one of the best universities you can find in the UK. The university is a major center for biomedical research. In addition, the university is a founding member of the institution that became the center of academic health sciences.

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University of Manchester

Maybe the word Manchester is often heard in the world of football. But apparently, in the UK there is also the University of Manchester which is the best campus. This university is a combination of the Institute of Science and Technology and the University of Victoria located precisely in Manchester.

King’s College London

If you are looking for a research-based campus in London, you can go directly to King’s College London. Of course, you will not regret it if you study at this campus. Because this top university in UK always provides the best educational services for students. This campus was named one of the best universities in the UK region.

University College London

Finding a prestigious and top university in UK, precisely London is also quite easy. You just stay continuing your education at University College London which is certainly known by many people. The university is known to be very friendly to a wide variety of students. Including students who are distinguished based on gender and religion. No wonder many international students feel at home studying at this campus.

Lancaster University

Various public research has been conducted at Lancaster university located in England. This of course made Lancaster University even more famous. Even this campus is not only known in the scope of the British state. But many students from all over the world know him and want to study at this campus.

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University of Warwick

One of the top university in UK that certainly also has the best quality as much as there is no doubt about it. The University of Warwick is known to provide learning satisfaction for students. In addition, this campus tends to carry a multicultural concept. No wonder the campus is very open to international students.

University of St Andrews

Not to forget also the University of St Andrews which is located in the UK and offers many moves for students. Of course, you can choose the desired and needed major. Because various majors are available at this university and you can choose from them. To be able to study in the chosen major, of course, you must pay attention to all the conditions.

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Durham University

Finally, also recommended Durham University which comes with a distinctive and magnificent building. Studying here is certainly a pride for all of you. Of course, you will become a potential and skilled university graduate.

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The top university in UK as above is highly recommended for you. Studying in the UK will add an exciting experience for you. Not only exciting but a fun experience you can also get. Studying at the best campus located in the UK is the right solution for students from any country.