7 Top University in USA, Which One is The Best?

The top university in USA can be a good choice of college for you. Especially for those of you who want to study at the best campus or university located in America. Taking education to a higher level is the desire of many students. Moreover, if this education is taken on the best campus or university.

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Of course, a university in America can be the right and best choice for you. For those of you who are currently planning to study at the best American campus, there is no need to be confused. Because there are many of the best campuses in America and you can choose one of them. Here are some of the top universities in the USA that could be your choice.

7 Top University in USA, Which One is The Best?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The top university in USA is MIT or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The university is located in Cambridge Massachusetts in the United States. The campus or university built in 1861 is a private research college.

This campus does not only accept local Americans. But more than that this campus also accepts international citizens. Even the opportunities for international students seem to be wide open at this university. No wonder this university is widely known among the world’s students. Even many students who want to study at this best university.

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Stanford University

It’s not just MIT that is a well-known campus in America. But there is also another top university in USA, namely Stanford University. This university may have been heard very often by students. Even many students from outside the U.S. know it. If viewed from its location, it is known that Stanford University is located in the Silicon Valley area.

This area is a center of innovation in the U.S. and many create technology companies. This is what makes the campus always encouraged to give birth to the best achievements through its graduates. This is why this campus has always been a target for many talented and accomplished people.

Harvard University

Harvard University is also known as one of the prestigious campuses even at the world level. In America itself, this university is included in the best campus ranks. Not only a favorite but this top university in USA also has a history that is quite astonishing. Harvard University is the oldest campus in the United States.

The campus was founded in 1636. Harvard University has always colored history by making achievements. This of course makes Harvard one of the most famous universities. Not only in America but the fragrant name of this campus has even gone global.

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Caltech stands for California Institute of Technology. As the name implies, this one campus focuses its studies in the field of technology. In addition, studying on this campus is also generally a development of science and engineering. According to history, this campus has been built since 1891.

But at that time the name of this campus was Throop University in Pasadena. In 1920, the name of the campus was changed to Caltech. Many Caltech graduates later contributed their contributions through various sciences. Of course, this makes Caltech more widely known by the public to people outside America.

University of Chicago

There is also a top university in USA called the University of Chicago which is also no less famous than several other campuses. This university is a private research university located in Chicago. The university has been established in 1890 and until now it has offered hundreds of study programs or majors.

As a top university in the United States, it is no wonder that this university has made achievements. Many graduates of this campus have contributed to various fields. So the name is increasingly known because of the many campus graduates who become the best people. Until the name is known to the world level and becomes a dream campus for many people.

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University of Pennsylvania

Maybe you have heard of some names of prominent figures who excelled and became scientists or even inventors. Elon Musk and John Legend and Elizabeth Banks and Ivanka Trump. These famous figures are alumni of the University of Pennsylvania which is one of the best campuses in America precisely in Philadelphia.

The campus that is included in the ranks of the best universities in the United States has been established since 1740. The campus was founded by a famous figure, Benjamin Franklin. Until now this campus has scored many well-known alumni in various fields.
Princeton University

The last famous campus name in America discussed this time is Princeton University. Similarly, to the various universities that have been discussed above, Princeton university is also a famous university. Even his ranking is often at the top because of his various achievements. Many celebrities appear on this campus. Those of you who want to be able to study here must be prepared because the competition is so competitive.

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The top university in USA that have been mentioned above can certainly provide the best education. Now looking for the right and good university is no longer to be confused. Because you can get it at various universities scattered in America.