Simple Solution to Send Money from Indonesia to the USA

The United States is one of the most popular destinations for Indonesian diaspora. Many Indonesians visit or stay there for various reasons, leaving behind their family members, spouses, and children. Financial strategy, including how to send money from Indonesia without excessive fee or convert Dollar to Rupiah accurately, is important for these Indonesians.

Luckily, a high-tech solution is available for this purpose.

Reasons to Send Money from Indonesia to the USA

Why do Indonesians need to transfer money to the US? There are several possible reasons, such as:

Supporting Education

For many Indonesians, the United States is still a popular country for gaining higher education level. Parents or spouses with loved ones that are studying there often need to transfer money regularly, such as for rent, food, and other living costs. Since these kinds of payments must be done regularly, quick money transfer service with reasonable fee is important.

Supporting Family Members in the US

On the contrary, many local Indonesians have family members in the US who they must leave for work. Consequently, these Indonesian workers must regularly send money from Indonesia to the US for financial supports. 

Investments or Divestments

Indonesians who do not live in the US yet having investments or divestments overseas will need to regularly transfer money for the matters.

Work or Commission Payments

Indonesians who have clients or work payment obligations in the US will need money transfer service to send the money more easily, especially if the payments must be made within a specific period.

Overseas Transactions

Any overseas transactions such as buying properties or paying for prepaid services like wedding require convenient transfer service to avoid late payment. 

Currency Rates between IDR and USD

Knowing the newest currency rate between IDR and USD is not enough to convert Dollar to Rupiah without hassle. Some money transfer services might offer too high or low rate, while others ask for excessive handling fees or “minimum charges”. They can significantly diminish the amount of fund after transfer.

Comparing rates between banks or transfer services is the standard strategy to find the best exchange rates. Alternatively, you can use a money transfer service that provides competitive currency rates, like Transfez.

Transfez - cara kirim uang keluar negeri murah mudah dan aman
The best solution to help transfer your money from Indonesia abroad better

Benefits of Using Transfez

Sending money from Indonesia to the USA using Transfez is the best option. The transfer service offers not only competitive exchange rates but also flat fees for IDR 89K. Without surprising hidden fees, the recipient will receive the full amount of the money you send.

Other benefits of Transfez include:

  • Available for transfer to 50+ countries in five continents
  • No queueing at the bank or printing documents; everything can be done through your gadget
  • Having license and permit from Indonesian and international finance institutions
  • High-speed transfer

You can even earn a chance to get lower, even free transaction fees by using special promo codes. In the current situation, the ability to send money from Indonesia quickly and safely without going out to public is important, and Transfez offers all of them for you.

Download the Transfez App on the Google Play Store and App Store for free!

Download Aplikasi Transfez

Aplikasi Transfez bisa bantuin kamu untuk transfer uang ke luar negeri dengan lebih cepat, hemat, dan efisien. Transfez Bisnis juga bisa bantuin bisnis kamu dalam melakukan transaksi ke luar negeri loh. Untuk kamu yang ingin mengirim uang ke sanak saudara yang berada di luar negeri karena sedang menjalankan pendidikan, bekerja, ataupun traveling, Transfez akan siap membantu. Aplikasi ini tersedia di Android dan juga iOs. Download sekarang!

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Sending money from Indonesia to the USA is no longer a hassle. Choose Transfez to help you transfer money overseas with competitive rates, eliminate queue, and send money from Indonesia quickly without expensive fees.

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