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Staying in India is a wonderful experience. However, some expatriates experience difficulties to find a suitable local bank in India. Surely there are many Indian bank in this country, but not all bank is suitable for foreigners. Therefore, it is necessary to compare and select which bank is preferred by most foreigners in the country. To help to inform this matter, the following paragraphs are the lists of top 8 Indian bank for foreigners.

State Bank of India

This bank is owned by the Indian government and is noted as the biggest bank in the country. This bank has more than 24,000 branches located all over the country. Not to mention the number of ATMs in many places around India. Therefore, no wonder if State Bank of India is one of the best and preferred banks for foreigners. Not only give a service for saving account and deposit account, but it also offers a minimum administration fee and credit card service for foreigners.

Union Bank of India

The next Indian bank that is also famous and well recognized among expatriates in India is the Union Bank of India. This bank consists of 9,500 branches all over the country. Furthermore, it also notes that this bank is a merger with Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank in India. This makes Union Bank of India has a strong settle position in the country and preferable by many customers. It has many financial services and good customer relation support for its clients. So that it makes many people feel satisfied and experience good service with Union Bank of India.

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Central Bank of India

Another Indian bank that is suitable to trust expatriates while staying in the country is the Central Bank of India. This is a bank with various services for the customers. Starting from a good saving account and beneficial deposit account plan. Not to mention the service of credit cards and its business loan too. So that many expatriates feel satisfied with this bank in India. With more than 2,000 branches all over the country, the bank can guarantee a good service for their customers. They also promise an easier way to withdraw money with less charge through their teller machine in various places in India.

Punjab National Bank

As an Indian bank that comes from the merger of several banks, Punjab National Bank is also one of the biggest banks in India. It comes from the merger of Oriental Bank of Commerce and the United Bank of India. Therefore, this bank has strong financial support and complete services for their customers. It has more than 10,000 branches all over the country with more ATMs all over the places in India. It also has a great customer service center that is available to help its customers anytime. That is why Punjab National Bank is one of the suitable banks for foreigners in India.

Canara Bank

Another name of Indian Bank that is also trustable is Canara Bank. This bank has more than 10,000 branches around the country and many ATMs all over the place. With this service, it makes Canara Bank as part of the biggest bank in India with high quality of services and features. Therefore, many expatriates believe their account and payroll with this local bank.

Bank of Baroda

Those who seek another alternative to an Indian bank while staying in the country can also consider making an account in the Bank of Baroda. This bank state more than 8,000 branches all over the country. It also has a fast response and good quality of customer service. So that in case of any problems and issues, the response is very fast and excellent too. Therefore, no need to be afraid to plan a saving account in India through the Bank of Baroda.

Bank of India

Bank of India is one of the reputable banks in the country that is also trusted by many foreigners. It has many branches and ATMs all over the countries so that it will ease the customer in withdrawing any money anytime. This bank also provides various financial services for the customer according to their needs. Therefore, this is a good place for foreigners to plan their accounts in India.

Indian Bank

Next is Indian Bank that has more than 6,000 branches in the country. It is a bank that has merged with Allahabad Bank. Therefore, this bank is one of the trusted Indian bank by many local people and foreigners too. With many teller machines across the country, it helps their customer to easily perform financial transactions anytime and anywhere.

Those are all the top 8 Indian bank for foreigners that provide various services starting from saving account up to deposit account and credit card services. Through the above list, all foreigners from other countries will be able to securely create their accounts and manage their payroll accordingly in this country. So that later on they don’t have to deal with expensive rates for money withdrawal. Furthermore, no more worry about uncertain currency rates when performing any money transaction while in India. So that this can help to deliver more secure and easy financial services as required while staying for certain times in the country.

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