List of Top 5 Singapore Universities for Indonesian Students

What are Top 5 Singapore Universities? Singapore is one of the educational destinations for many students, as the country is famous for its quality universities.

Even today being in the top 5 Singapore universities means being the target of students from various countries. Because the majors offered are quite interesting and the quality of education is recognized around the world.

It’s just that some students may have difficulty when choosing among the top 5 Singapore universities. Therefore, the following article will discuss which of the best Singapore universities are worth choosing. Here’s more information about it.

List of Top 5 Singapore Universities for Indonesian Students

Advantages of Top 5 Singapore University

Surely several important reasons underlie the selection of the best Singapore university. Before deciding which campus is the most suitable, first know the advantages of the university located in Singapore.

• Diverse Program Selection with Worldwide Quality

Top 5 Singapore university provides a wide selection of attractive programs for prospective students. In addition, the quality of the programs offered is weighted enough that it is guaranteed to fully support the future of students.

Some programs even get more than enough accreditation at the world level. So, it is not surprising that the program guarantees a better future.

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• Complete Campus Facilities

As a top 5 Singapore university, of course, each campus is equipped with adequate facilities. Starting from sports facilities, dormitories, lunch places, and so on. All are well designed to meet the needs of the students there.

• Recognized by Various World-Class Companies

It’s no secret that being a top 5 Singapore university graduate means being a graduate sought after by many well-known companies. Moreover, the quality of universities in Singapore has received recognition from many global companies in the world. So, graduating from this place will guarantee a bright future. Getting a dream job is also much easier to realize.

• Fun Learning Environment

As a top 5 Singapore university certainly provides a learning environment that is not only competitive but also quite comfortable. As a top university in Asia and even in the world, every year many international students are included in it. To add insight to socialize with various tribes from various nations.

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List Top 5 Singapore Universities

Here are some of the best universities in Singapore. For those who are eyeing the top 5 Singapore universities, just look at the options below.

National University of Singapore

The first top 5 Singapore university is the National University of Singapore. Currently, the college is also famous as NUS. It has 17 faculties to select with three campuses located in Singapore.

Currently, the college is in the 24th rank versus QS World University Ranking 2022. Not only provide many faculties to select from but it is also completed with interesting facilities to support the student.

Not to mention that the college always accept many international students every year. Therefore, many foreign students around Asia are keen to continue studying in this place.

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Nanyang Technological University

The next famous and top 5 Singapore university is Nanyang Technological University. This college offers engineering, science, business, humanities, arts, social sciences, and education, and has a joint medical school with Imperial College London.

It is a great university that favorite for many students in Asia and Singapore’s surrounding countries. Therefore, it has very tight selection criteria for its students.

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Singapore Management University

Another name for the top 5 Singapore university is Singapore Management University. It is a nice place for those who plan to focus on several majors related to economy and management.

Furthermore, it has many programs and excellent courses to choose from. The university which established in 2005 is also has numerous lists of facilities to support their student in finalizing their education here perfectly.

Therefore, it is a recommended place to select whenever you plan to study in this country.

Singapore Institute of Management

Singapore Institute of Management is another top 5 Singapore university that brings a good and creditable major for their student. The university is also focused on various majors related to management align with its vision and mission.

Furthermore, the provided programs and their curriculum is well structured so that the student will enjoy all the lessons here optimally.

Therefore, if you search for an appropriate place to continue studying in the country, then this institute can be a worthwhile selection to choose from.

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INSEAD Singapore

The last top 5 Singapore university that is worth considering is INSEAD Singapore. This university provides various programs and courses for bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees.

Therefore, no need to worry if you want to apply for any kind of education level in this college.

Furthermore, this university that was established in 1957 is supported by many great lecturers and facilities to make sure that all students can successfully finish their studies in this college.

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As a top 5 Singapore university there are indeed many advantages offered above. Therefore, it is not surprising that graduates from the university get the dream future.

Therefore, do not be discouraged if you want to continue a higher education level in Singapore. Make choices and try your best to be admitted to the best Singapore universities mentioned earlier.