Singapore Public Holiday

It is always a nice thing to see the holiday come, including those who live in Singapore. Singapore public holiday will be a suitable moment to relax and spend all days with vacation or travel. However, many residents from Singapore itself are not aware of any public holiday in Singapore.

Therefore, it is necessary to get some information and overview about these days, if you are planning to stay in Singapore. So that you can manage your vacation accordingly and perform many fun activities on the holiday. The following is the list of general Singapore public holiday.

Singapore Public Holiday: New Year

Singapore Public Holiday

Similar to all the countries around the world, Singapore manages the 1st of January as the date of a public holiday to celebrate the new year. Therefore, you can manage your end-of-year trip or journey to celebrate the euphoria of the new year. That is why during this day, many Singaporean celebrate the night with various kinds of parties.

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Furthermore, there is also a firework celebration in many areas in this country. So that the night will feel spectacular and also joyful at the same time.

Singapore Public Holiday: Chinese New Year

As many of the people living in Singapore is Chinese, therefore, this country also takes Chinese New Year as one of its public holidays. During these days, many celebrations in the various mall are performed around Singapore.

Furthermore, if you come to Chinatown, you can enjoy the moment and great ambiance of the Chinese New Year celebration. That is why during this Singapore public holiday, there are many barongs attractions shown across the country.

Singapore Public Holiday: Good Friday

Singapore also decides to include Good Friday as Singapore public holiday. This is a celebration by Christian people on Friday before Easter day. Therefore, no wonder many churches in this country will prepare a suitable celebration for the moment. Furthermore, this is also a good moment for many shopping places to perform various celebrations and sales.

Singapore Public Holiday: Labor Day

Labor day is also one of the public holidays that is celebrated in Singapore every first of May. Therefore, during the day, all laborers will have their vacation accordingly.

Singapore Public Holiday: Ied Al Fitri

Singapore also consists of Muslim communities. Therefore, Ied Al Fitri is one of the celebrations in the country and included as Singapore public holiday. This is started with the Ramadhan celebration and ends with the Ied Al Fitri day.

Singapore Public Holiday: Vesak Day

Another public holiday in Singapore is Vesak day celebrated by many Buddhists in this country. To celebrate this moment, many temples are decorated and many shopping malls also celebrate the moment with sales and attraction.

When you visit Singapore during this celebration, you can see many interesting rituals in various Buddhist temples. So that you can enjoy a nice ambiance of this celebration and get an overview of what to celebrate on this day.

Singapore Public Holiday: Hari Raya Haji

Hari Raya Haji is also one of the important days for Muslims. Therefore, Singapore decides to take this day as one of their public holidays. This is an important moment for Muslims to remember the sacrifice from Ibrahim through the moment of giving his son Ishmael to Allah. So that it celebrates by sacrificing cow or goat in the mosques. This celebration is performed every year by those with suitable financial conditions.

Singapore Public Holiday: National Day

The next important Singapore public holiday is National Day. It is important to know the date of Singapore’s independence day. Since it is a very important moment to remember by Singaporeans. In 1965, Singapore reach its freedom from Malaysia. So that the country then developed further and become one of the wealthiest countries in the world until today.

To remind this moment, the national day is always celebrated in various ways. Starting from performing parade, shopping mall discounts, and many other interesting to see. In case you come to Singapore during this time, you will find many interesting attractions and sales.

Singapore Public Holiday: Deepavali

One of the most festivals for Hindus in Singapore is Deepavali. Since many Indian people stay in the country, Deepavali is official as one of the public holidays in Singapore. So that if you visit Little India, you can feel the ambiance of this celebration in this place.

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Singapore Public Holiday: Christmas

Similar to many countries, since they’re also some percentage of Christian people in Singapore, therefore, Christmas is one of the Singapore public holiday. During this day, many shopping malls in Singapore will celebrate the moment and give some nice attractions or sales. Furthermore, many churches also prepared accordingly and manage to add Christmas decorations in some spots.

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Those are all the list of general Singapore public holiday that needs to notice. So that in case you stay in this country and need to make a vacation, then you can check the holiday date above. If you get suitable information on the public holiday, you can plan your trip in advance. So that you will enjoy a nice vacation with proper preparation as your expectation.