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Those who live in Singapore must have known Indian Bank Singapore. This is one of the reputable banks in Singapore with various services and advantages. Mostly for Indian expatriates that decide to make a new saving account or plan to get an account for their payroll. This bank is one of the choices that is trusted and also promises a good service.

However, some people might not familiar with this bank and want to know further. Especially for those that just come to Singapore and plan to stay or start a new job in the country. While not much information is provided related to Indian Bank Singapore. So that the information about this bank will be necessary and important. Therefore, to help give a suitable brief and overview, the following paragraphs will describe further.

About Indian Bank Singapore

Indian Bank Singapore is a public bank in Singapore with many branches and ATMs across the country. It serves for many years and become one of the trusted banks in Singapore. It also shows a good reputation along with the growth of this bank. So that it is no wonder if many Singaporean trusts the bank to save their account or to hold many financial transactions.

The bank provides many services for its customers. It also notes a long track record for the operation itself. So many people in Singapore are familiar with this bank. For more information, related to the history and the provided services of this bank, the next paragraphs will be a good start to read.

The History of Indian Bank Singapore

The bank has start its services in Singapore in 1941 and continue giving their services to Singapore resident until today. It is a long journey to get the trust from Singaporean civilization to make their money account with the bank. But, fortunately, it is not as difficult as it thought as many Indian started to enter Singapore and need a suitable bank that can cover their needs. So that Indian Bank Singapore successfully managed to run their office and add more branches following with more customers opening an account with this bank.

This bank is also mentioned as one of the front runners of many other banks in Singapore. Therefore, it is not surprising that the track records are very good among Singaporean people. This is also one of the major reasons why many Singaporean finally can rely on the bank as their saving account and to support their daily financial needs. For more information, related to the services provided by the bank, it can be seen clearly in the next explanation.

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Various Financial Service Provided

Similar to any other common bank in Singapore, the bank offers many services to their customer. So that their customer will be able to enjoy all the benefits and advantages of being the customer of Indian Bank Singapore. It is noted on the official webpage that the bank will offer the following type of services for their customer.

Saving Account

Indian Bank Singapore provide various kind of saving account for Singapore people. Starting for individuals, businesses, and many more.

Deposit Account

The bank also offers a service of deposit account for their customer. So that it can help their customer to manage secure savings for their future.

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Safe Deposits

It also has safe deposits service to keep the private and important assets of certain people in Singapore.

Forex Trade

The bank also helps their customer to perform forex trade with a good rate and easy approach. So that it is one of the investment methods that can help the customer to gain more benefit.

Business Loan

This bank also allows for business loan services for certain business people in Singapore.

Credit Card Services

It also offers credit card services for the customer according to the customer’s needs.

With the lists of services above, it is trusted that Indian Bank Singapore will be able to support the economic growth of Singapore country. Furthermore, it will also help to support all financial activities needed for many Singaporean people. So that there will be no further issues related to financial activities such as daily money withdrawal, money transfer, payment, payroll, and many other things.

Through the services above, it can make sure that this bank is also a suitable selection to get a trusted investment type for Singapore people. So that it can be one of the options to expanding the investment and perform various trade within the bank. In which in the end, it is a good stimulation on the Singapore economy and lead the Singapore people to reach a better future with their selected investment in this bank.

Those are all the explanations related to the overview of Indian Bank Singapore. Starting from the history, branches, services, and many important things related to this bank. So that anyone in the country who is interested to make an account with the bank can get sufficient information. In which this can help them not to doubt and trust more on the bank’s capability and reputation. Such as to save an account and to help with company payroll. This can be a good selection of banks while staying in Singapore for a certain time.

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