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If you are an Indonesian looking for a job abroad in the Asian region, you probably want to know how to get a job in Singapore. The small but prosperous country offers numerous professional opportunities. You can use available resources to find vacancies, apply, make visa, and transfer money from Indonesia to Singapore or vice versa.

Vacancy Sources and Types

Online vacancy resources are the easiest ways to secure a job in Singapore. Aside from LinkedIn, websites like Glassdoor and Monster are popular as job hunting resources in Singapore. However, the best way to stand out is to check the company’s actual website and send the application through their official address.

Another way is to find a job through agencies. Singapore has Recruit Express, GMP, and Adecco, popular recruitment agencies that receive your applications and match you with jobs. The process takes time, but agencies personally match your applications with the perfect jobs, which makes them more efficient than just sending resumes to generic job-hunting websites.

After knowing how to get job in Singapore, make sure you know the type of vacancy you can target. Generally, manufacture, finance, techs, and logistics are the most popular and sought-out after in Singapore. You can find vacancies in various entry levels in these fields, from fresh graduate jobs to professional vacancies.

Steps to Apply for a Job in Singapore

Applying for a job in Singapore is just like any job-hunting efforts, but if you apply from Indonesia, there are several specific steps to do. They are:

Get Ready for Walk-in Interview

Some companies may call you for a walk-in interview. You should prepare for tickets, accommodation, and travel plan if you decide to apply for a job with walk-in interview. Ask this information beforehand.

Prepare for Smooth Online Interview Experience

Online interview is more convenient, but it requires extra preparation. Make sure to create a professional background, prepare a proper outfit, and ensure that the online connection is good. Prepare all your documents, a glass of water, and notepad ready, at least 15 minutes beforehand.

Inform the Travel Plans to Prospective Employer

When you secure a job, make sure to discuss the travel schedule with the future employer. The most ideal time to visit your new workplace is when you get the approval for the work permit

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How to Get Singapore Working Visa

Singaporean government uses the term “work permit” instead of a visa, with several categories depending on the job types. If you do not have a recommendation letter from a past employer, you can apply through the official website of the Ministry of Manpower (, through the Passes and Permits page.

If you follow all the procedures properly, approval can come in around seven to 14 days. You must also register the phone numbers and address once you arrive in Singapore, which must be done within 14 days since the arrival.

Money Transfer Solution in Singapore

Finally, use Transfez as your money transfer solution to take care of everything in Singapore. As you are preparing for work and accommodation, you may need to send money from Indonesia to Singapore for various matters. Transfez offers flat fee (starting from IDR74,000), quick arrival (real-time), and convenient transfer and withdrawal (no need to visit the bank).

Knowing how to get job in Singapore is important for Indonesians with highly professional career foal. Make sure to apply the right way, and support the efforts with the right service like Transfez.

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