How To Send Money Abroad Without A Bank Account

Global business leads many peoples to perform various transaction either within the country or overseas. One of the common things which take consideration in a business relationship is a transaction payment.

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Usually, to perform a payment, there are several methods to choose including sending money to a bank account. However, sending money abroad can be difficult. Therefore, how to send money abroad without a bank account is one of the most interesting things to know.

Unfortunately, a new businessman usually gets no exact overview related to this activity. So that they get confused when they have to make a payment or receive a payment abroad. To help with an overview related to how to send money abroad without a bank account, the following methods can be preferred.

How To Send Money Abroad Without A Bank Account

How to Send Money Abroad Through Western Union

One of the common ways to send money abroad is by using Western Union. This is the easiest way to transfer money online to other countries without a bank account. Unfortunately, Western Union charges some fees for the transaction. Depends on the purpose country and the value of the money transfer. Therefore, you shall prepare the additional amount of money for this charge.

However, this is considered the fastest way to send money with cash. You can easily go to the Western Union page and then write the amount of money to transfer. After that, you can select cash or credit card to pay the overall fee. Once the fee is transferred then your money will be directly sent abroad to the purposed bank account.

Except by online services, you can also come to the Western Union office which appears all over the world. Any country will have a representative of the Western Union. Therefore, you can bring your cash to the office and manage an offline payment directly. Then the purpose person who receives your payment can come to take the cash to his nearest Western Union branch.

How to Send Money Abroad Through EcoPayz

If you need another option to send money abroad, you can also choose to use EcoPayz. This is also one of the simple methods to send and receive money from different countries. Therefore, wherever you are, you will be able to make a payment or also receive payment. Furthermore, EcoPayz supports over 50 currencies in the world. So that it can make sure that anyone who wants to send money to another country will find it no difficult.

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Simply visit the webpage and follow the required instruction to send the money. Make a payment with your credit card and then wait until the process is finished. Once it is finished, then the purposed people to receive the money will able to get the money soon.

How to Send Money Abroad Through PayPal Account

Another common account to send money abroad is by using a PayPal account. This can also consider the easiest way to perform money send to foreign countries. You just need to sign up for a PayPal account and put in some deposit for a PayPal balance. You can select a credit card as your preferred method to input a balance into your PayPal account. Once you have sufficient balance, then you can perform payment to other PayPal account located all over the world.

How to Send Money Abroad Through Money Gram

The next preferred method to send money abroad is by using Money Gram. This is also one of the easiest ways to send money to other countries without the worry of having any bank account. Easily start with opening an account in Money Gram then writing the amount of money to transfer. Pay the money and the fee with your credit card. Within a few hours, your transaction will be processed and your money will reach the purposed bank account as required.

How to Send Money Abroad Through Wise

Do not worry or question further about how to send money abroad without a bank account. Since now there is an easy service provided by Wise to help with these issues. Therefore, you can easily manage using this option to send money to various countries around the world. You can also receive money with this method from foreign countries. So that you don’t have to be worry if you need to make payment for any transaction.

Easily come to the Wise website and then follow the required step to send money abroad. Fill in all the information properly including the purpose name of the receiver and contact number. So that your money can be sent to a suit person. Furthermore, this method is also known with less fee. That is why many expatriates prefer this method to send money to various places in the world.

Download Transfez App

Transfez App can help you transfer money abroad more quickly and efficiently. Transfez Business can also help your business in making transactions abroad. For those of you who want to send money to relatives who are abroad because they are studying, working, or traveling, Transfez will be ready to help. This app is available on Android as well as iOS.

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Those are all some options of how to send money abroad without a bank account. Therefore, no more worries if you want to perform any business and payment abroad with other people from foreign countries. Through the above steps, you can easily perform payment abroad and also received money abroad with less fee or even without any fee. So that this can help you to run business globally without issues or barriers.