Development Bank of Singapore

Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) is one of the famous banks in Singapore that is known by many people. Even his name is not only known by residents but also by foreigners. This bank has been known by many people in the world so it can be said that this bank is experiencing rapid development.

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DBS Bank Limited, headquartered in Singapore, has been established in 1968. At first, this bank was built and established to be a development-financing institution. So this bank was established under the leadership of the Singapore government. However, today this bank has developed very well. This development can be seen from the existence of many branch offices scattered in any area. Until the assets of this bank are increasing and the name is increasingly considered on the world stage. The following is some important information related to Development Bank of Singapore.

Development Bank of Singapore Award

Development Bank of Singapore banking and financial services institutions have unexpectedly pocketed many awards and recognitions. Various global awards have even been obtained until its existence is increasingly known by the world community. DBS is one of them and has been recognized as a leading bank in the digital field. Even his commitment to creating a sustainable future is also recognized by the world. Until finally DBS was also named the Best Bank in the World and also the Global Bank of the Year. There are still more awards received, namely the Most Favorite Digital Banking and the Safest Bank in Asia. All these awards certainly make anyone more confident in DBS.

The Development Bank of Singapore

Development Bank of Singapore Services

Personal Banking

Every bank provides services to its customers to manage finances. Managing finances can be done more easily in banks including in the Development Bank of Singapore. This Singapore-based banking institution also provides personal banking services for all customers. So there are many programs and products from this bank that are indeed made to serve private banking. Of course, all kinds of financial management can be done more easily.

Anyone who becomes a Singaporean citizen can take advantage of this personal banking service. It’s not just Singaporeans who can get the benefits. But also foreigners from abroad who may plan to stay in Singapore for some time.

Corporate and SME Banking

The services developed by DBS financial institutions are not only limited to personal interests. But more than that this bank institution has developed its services for the benefit of the company. This can be seen from the existence of corporate and SME services from DBS.

Therefore, currently Development Bank of Singapore not only be functioned for personal interests only. But more than that DBS also serves banking for related agencies or companies. Even the financial management of SMEs can also be done by relying on the services of banking institutions originating from Singapore.

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Development Bank of Singapore Facilities


One of the features and facilities provided by each bank is savings or savings. Almost everyone does the storage of money in the bank with a specific purpose. Starting from getting protection and security for his savings to getting interested in the bank. This is what then encourages many parties to keep their savings in the bank. In the Development Bank of Singapore itself savings does not only refer to savings. But there are many types or other forms of savings that can be obtained by all customers.

Credit Card

In addition to savings apparently, there are also other service products from DBS, namely credit cards. Credit card service is considered the best facility from the bank that can be functioned optimally by customers. With this credit card, customers can get help, especially in terms of finances. At least customers can use this credit facility to cover their various needs. Of course, using credit card services from the Development Bank of Singapore can be the most appropriate choice for anyone.


The next form of service product you can get is a loan. It seems that this loan is almost the same as a credit card at first glance. This means that this service product is also provided to be able to help all customers. Loans are provided by the bank with the intention that customers can cover their needs. Now loans are no longer only available for personal interests. But loans can also be given for the benefit of the company.


Investment is also one of the superior products or mainstays of the Development Bank of Singapore. In the present, investment is a familiar thing for anyone. Nowadays more and more people are starting to understand the importance of investing. Similarly, there is an investment service from DBS for bank customers. Anyone can invest in the future.

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Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) which has received many awards has certainly experienced a good increment. Especially when it comes to providing services some customers trust him. Until now DBS is still rated as one of the best banks in Singapore. Public confidence in this bank is also increasing. Not a few parties make this bank a solution for their finances.