What is The Best Bank to Open an Account

What is the best bank in the world? Many famous banks in the world have certainly shown their quality in the banking world. Therefore, do not feel worried when searching about what is the best bank to open an account. Mainly for foreigners and expatriates who need international bank services. Some of the banks below have shown excellent services with large assets that are reliable and trusted.

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Indeed, banking institutions are alleged as institutions that can benefit in large quantities. The greater the development of a bank, the greater the profit. Similarly, the five banks are claimed to be the best in the world. Of course, the assets he has are unquestionable. In addition, the service is generally increase along with the expansion it does.

The Best Bank to Open an Account

What is The Best Bank to Open an Account

What banks are included in the top best banks in the world may make you curious. To find out more clearly then you should just look at the following review.

1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is also known as ICBC. This bank seems to be named as the best bank in the world. From the name alone, anyone can know that this bank comes from China. Currently, ICBC is known to have become a bank that holds a record as the largest bank in Asia.

Unmitigated even the name of this bank skyrocketed to the world scene. In terms of assets, it can be known that this bank is indeed worthy to be the best bank. Similarly, with banks in general ICBC also has a special logo or symbol.

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The logo is identical to the old Chinese coin that is red. This coin can be found easily in all cities scattered around the world. The existence of this logo indicates or describes the existence and expansion of ICBC. Because ICB operations have reached many countries.

2. China Construction Bank Corporation

The second best bank after ICBC is China Construction Bank Corporation or CCB Corporation. It seems that China is indeed currently spawning many of the best bank institutions in the global sphere. Similar to ICBC CCB Corporation also has many branches of banking companies in several countries.

No wonder the assets he has are so large that this bank institution can hire very many employees. In recent years, this bank has been actively instrumental to many countries in the world. The bank has financed several infrastructure projects around the world. Even more so for a project in a country that cooperates with the Chinese government.

3. HSBC Holdings PSC

Another recommended place to open a bank account is HSBC. If you’re asking what is the best bank to open an account with, then HSBC is also one of the answers. This is a bank that comes from Hong Kong and successfully leads the banking industry in the world. Therefore, no wonder HSBC has many branches all over the world. Even in America and Europe, you can also find this Asian bank easily.

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4. JP Morgan Chase

There is also a bank from the US as one of the best banks in the world, namely JP Morgan Chase. This bank institution is arguably one of the most famous and popular banks in the US. JP Morgan Chase is a bank institution that is the result of the merger of several banks.

While its headquarters are located in Manhattan which is in the New York City area. This bank is also one of the best investment companies in the world. Now the assets of JP Morgan Chase are getting bigger and bigger. This also makes it more and more one of the most expensive companies in the world.

5. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

One of the best banks in the world that you need to know is a bank institution from Japan called Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. The banking company institution headquartered in Osaka, Japan has assets in the number of trillions of US dollars. The existence of this asset makes it one of the best banks not only in Japan but also around the world.

The bank institution, also called MUFG, was established from the merger of two major banks in Japan. No wonder this bank can develop well until it becomes big. Even department networks are spread all over the world until MUFG operates in many countries.

6. Bank of America

Another famous bank in the world is Bank of America was one of the trusted places to open a bank account. It also has many services for the customers. So that it will bring easier money transactions to its loyal consumer. Not to mention that Bank of America has many branches in many countries in the world.

Overall, if you are curious about what is the best bank to open an account with, see the above lists carefully. Especially for most people who have often done banking activities.

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Moreover, for large entrepreneurs or anyone who often conducts financial transactions with a global or international scope. Furthermore, all of the best bank in the world is certainly expanding abroad. So you can enjoy all the facilities provided by the five banks in your country of residence. Of course, the service provided to all customers is the best.