10 Top University in The World, Which One is The Best?

The top university in the world is a target for many people. Especially for students who want to continue their studies in college. Those of you who want to continue the world’s top lectures can look for the best references.

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The best universities can be an option for you. But of course, you need to prepare yourself more carefully if you want to continue your studies at some of the best campuses. Here are the names of some of the top universities in the world that can be recommended colleges for you.

10 Top University in The World, Which One is The Best?

University of Oxford

This campus is certainly familiar to most people. Almost all students in the world know about this campus. The University of Oxford is legendary and has a very long history. It is estimated that since 1096 and even before this campus has been established in the city of Oxford.

The building is also unique and ancient as if going back to the early days of the British empire. The University of Oxford has contributed many achievements in the field of education in the world.

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Harvard University

The best campus that is also famous in the world is Harvard University. The same as before, of course, this one campus is familiar to students in various countries. Even many students who want to continue their studies on this campus.

Harvard University which was founded in 1636 is arguably the warehouse of legendary scientists. Even graduates of this campus are generally known to have good quality and there is no doubt about it.

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Stanford University

Stanford University is also called the top university in the world. Stanford University is often referred to as Stanford. It is the best private university established in the United States. The exact location is in California. The university has been established in 1891. The university produces many qualified graduates.

University of Cambridge

You also choose the best campus in the world called the University of Cambridge. This University or campus originating from England was first established in 1209. Those of you who want to see it can find it in the Cambridgeshire area located in the United Kingdom. Some sources mention that this campus is split among Oxford students. This had happened in the past when finally, these students established their universities in the Cambridge area.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also one of the top university in the world. This university can be found precisely in the city of Cambridge which is still in the Massachusetts area. The campus, which has been established in 1861, was originally an institute with a focus on education in the fields of science and technology. Then over time came several other faculties. This campus is very famous and much in demand by students in the world.

California Institute of Technology

The name Caltech does not seem to be able to escape from the campus located in California precisely in Pasadena. This campus has been established in 1891 and has contributed to a lot of research on technological progress. His best contributions are often made to the United States.

Caltech is focused on teaching in the fields of natural sciences and engineering. No wonder Caltech until now has produced many talented scientists in their fields. Even Caltech graduates are also able to operate space flight systems.

Imperial College London

Located in Kensington London which is certainly in the English area makes this campus is even more famous. Even this campus managed to become the best campus that makes anyone want to continue their studies here. The history of this campus is also quite interesting. According to the story, this campus was founded by a member of the British royal family, Prince Albert.

ETH Zurich

Not to forget also the Institute of Technology confederation Zurich which is the top university in the world. This campus is a prestigious campus from Switzerland and has been established in 1854 ago. As the name implies, of course, this campus is a campus that focuses on science and technology. But the campus also focuses on education. Of course, many scientists grew up from education on this campus. Until the name of this campus became famous in the world.

University of Chicago

Another university that is also the center of attention for the citizens of the world is the University of Chicago. You must be impressed by the feel of nature on this campus located by the lake. Precisely on the shores of Lake Michigan which is compressed in the city of Illinois. The location of the campus that was built in 1890 is included in the Chicago area.

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UCL (University College London)

The last top university in the world is UCL or which stands for University College London. UCL was founded in 1826 and was the first campus in London to admit female students at the time. This was done for achieving equality of degrees between women and men at that time. The same as before, of course, this campus has carved out many achievements.

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The top university in the world above can be the most appropriate choice for those who want to continue their studies. Of course, the best education you can get at the top universities mentioned above.