Singapore Intercultural School

Singapore Intercultural School was founded in 1996 with the help of senior members of the Singapore government and the Raffles Institution. Because of its disciplined approach to educational pedagogy, Singapore Intercultural School supports the Singapore school system. It is also sensitive to changes in the environment. It’s no surprise that it’s ranked first in the world in the most recent PISA rankings.

Today, the school seeks to promote 21st-century skills in practically all significant cities in the region. It hoped that Singapore Intercultural School would be accessible to many people as possible. For further information, the following paragraphs will give an overview.

History of Singapore Intercultural School

Leading members of the Jakarta business community recognized the need for a Singapore-style school in the bustling metropolis to cater to the children of expatriates working in Indonesia in 1995. Several preliminary discussions with Singapore’s Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Edward Lee, fuelled the excitement required to launch the project.

This culminated in an early 1996 meeting with H.E. Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Dr. Tony Tan, who was also the education minister at the time. The inspiration gained from the meeting sparked the idea.

In 1999, Singapore Intercultural School was able to construct a modest one-story school building in yet another temporary location with a minor investment. After a year, the school was afforded to build a playing field and its first basketball court.

Despite the lack of facilities, enrolment progressively increased from 50 to the school’s maximum intake of 200 under the leadership of Ms. Nanda Bandara. The school quickly developed and this prompted the Founders to quicken their search for a permanent location.

The Singapore Intercultural School

Singapore Intercultural School Academic

There are several academic programs at Singapore Intercultural School. From Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Junior College, and University Counsellor. The goal of the preschool is to lay the groundwork for kids to reach the necessary educational and key stage results by assisting them in acquiring knowledge and abilities through six learning areas combined with Mandarin.

The Primary Curriculum is in line with the Singaporean Curriculum, which emphasizes the three learning domains of life skills, knowledge skills, and subject-based learning. This can guarantee that students are equipped with the knowledge, values, and necessary skills.

The Cambridge University program and the Singaporean curriculum are both adopted by the SIS Secondary School Curriculum. This program is for children between the ages of 13 and 16. The students are exposed to a wide variety of experiences. Additionally, the curriculum promotes lifelong friendships and deep relationships.

The diploma program equips students with the skills they need to succeed in higher education and contribute to a global society. All students can receive assistance from the university counselors in choosing which degree programs to apply for. Including support in completing all the requirements and the application process.

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School Locations

Currently, Singapore Intercultural School located in various countries in Asia. It has seven locations in Indonesia, including in South Jakarta, Kelapa Gading Jakarta, Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta, Cilegon, Medan, Palembang, and Semarang. The school is also present in Chennai and Mumbai, India. Other locations of the school including in Yangoon, Myanmar, and Gwangju, South Korea.

Each school completed with various facilities for the student. So that it supports good environment to study. The facilities also make the students enjoy the friendly ambiance there. Therefore, not only comfortable to learn knowledge, but the school is also a place to grow friendships and unity.

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Admission Criteria

There are several processes for those interested in joining Singapore Intercultural School. The general process of admission consists of the following lists.

  • School Inquiry / School Tour
  • Initial Document Submission & Processing Enrollment Form for the placement process. (Documents: photocopy of student’s passport and 2 years of their Academic transcript from their current school / if any)
  • Registration Fee
  • Interview with Head Teacher / Deputy Head Teacher (for all levels)

After passing the above process, then the school will be confirming acceptance. So that the student can continue to further process. It is including payment of the school fee and managing to perform uniform purchases.

The Scholarship

The family of Jaspal Sidhu, the founder, and chairman of the Singapore Intercultural School, established the Founder Scholarship in honor of Jaspal’s late father, Karam Sidhu. He was an inspiring role model for his children and encouraged them to achieve bigger things.

Students who exhibit these qualities are given the SIS Founder Scholarship every year. These comprise people who need financial assistance, students who have demonstrated a passion for learning, and those who exhibit exceptional traits like honesty, humility, compassion, perseverance, and the capacity for successful collaboration and communication.

On the proposal of the Head Teachers of each school, the Board of the SIS Group of Schools approves the award amounts on a case-by-case basis. Then the SIS Founder Scholarship seeks to provide an advantage to any deserving student. So that the scholarship can be given properly to suitable students.

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Closing and Conclusions

The information about Singapore Intercultural School above, hopefully, gives a suitable overview. So that any students interest to join the school can get sufficient details about the school. It has been proven that schools are among the best places to continue education. Therefore, there should be no doubt for those interesting to join a student in this school.