Best Hawker Food in Singapore To Celebrate National Day. Which Is Your Favourite?

Singapore’s hawker food is sure to make anyone want to taste it. Various snacks that seem to be typical Singaporean food seem very attractive. It’s not just the locals who want to enjoy this food. But also foreigners who later lived and settled in Singapore also like this snack. Not to forget the tourists that interested in enjoying Singapore’s delicious snack dishes.

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Hawker food is now one of the attractions of Singapore which is crowded with people. In addition to being unique, of course, the delicious taste makes anyone like it. For those of you who currently in Singapore, you don’t need to be confused about choosing it. Here are some snacks that you can get in Singapore.

Best Hawker Food in Singapore To Celebrate National Day. Which Is Your Favourite?

1. Hawker Centre

One of the hawker food centers that many people visit is the Hawker Centre. There are even many well-known people who taste various dishes in this hawker center. Some people also often visit this location when visiting Singapore. Due to variety of delicious dishes can be found here.

2. Wee Nam Kee

Those of you oriental food enthusiasts seem to have to take the time to pay a visit to Wee Nam Kee. This place serves up many interesting and appetizing dishes. One of the famous foods here is Hainanese Chicken Rice which has a tempting smell. Moreover, the texture is just right for anyone to eat and the deliciousness is unquestionable.

3. Zam Zam

Zam Zam Restaurant is also here for you fans of Indian food or specialties. The location is on the edge of Bridge Road and you can find it easily. If you are in this place don’t forget to order Briyani Rice. The spices on Briyani Rice will make you love it and even hooked.

4. Lau Pa Sat

You can also find hawker food with a food center concept in Singapore, precisely at Lau Pa Sat. Here there is much food that is sure to be interesting for anyone who visits this location. In this place, there are specialties from various regions so you can choose snacks more freely.

5. Sin Ming

Roti Prata is often a typical Singaporean food that is always sought after by many people. To taste it, you can immediately visit Sin Ming which is in Singapore. You can later enjoy the roti prata served along with the mainstay and delicious curry soup.

6. Outram Park Fried Kway Teow me

Kwetiau enthusiasts also don’t need to be confused about looking for it while in Singapore. Because you can enjoy delicious kway teow at Outram Park. In this place, various noodles are halal and non-halal. So you can choose for yourself the desired food. The price is not expensive and almost the same as other hawker food.

7. 328 Katong Laksa

A super delicious laksa dish can also be found in Singapore, precisely at 328 Katong Laksa which is located in the East Coast Road area. This laksa dish is in the form of yellow noodles combined with typical spices and coconut milk. You can taste the deliciousness at 328 Katong Laksa starting from 10 am to 10 pm.

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8. Chinatown

Chinatown seems to be a hawker food area that is well known by many people from various countries. Many people are looking for noodle food here. Not only noodles but there are many types of food that tourists also want to taste.

9. Little India

Not to forget the curry cuisine in Little India which is also always sought after by many people. Singaporeans also love it and also foreign tourists who come here always taste it. In this location, you can visit the Tekka Centre to enjoy many interesting and delicious dishes.

10. Glam Village

The location of hawker food that was last discussed at this time was Kampung Glam. The location is on Bugis Street which is as crowded as other culinary forgings. There are many various types of food that you must taste in This Glam Village. There are even international dishes available in this place. The price of food will not make a hole in the pocket because the price is not expensive.

Cultural Heritage Hawker Food

This Singaporean hawker food that is very attractive to many people is attached to Singaporean identity. These foods even attract tourists until they are increasingly visited and tasted. Until all snacks in Singapore become culinary destinations for anyone.

Perhaps these street vendors seem to be just hawking simple snacks at first glance. But this peddling seems very attractive to many. No wonder now this hawker food is designated as a cultural heritage by UNESCO. All of these snacks have indeed attracted the attention of many world citizens so that they are always visited by many people.

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Not only enjoying snacks but in this hawker food place, there are always many Singaporeans gathering. Many favorite dishes are then always sold to the public. not only does it look tempting but the taste is also delicious and distinctive. As one of the cultural heritages, this hawker food also improves its services to the community. This is also a form of promotion to attract more people.