Discovery Voucher Singapore

The Singapore Tourism Board has announced that you can currently use Discovery Voucher Singapore for your favorite activities until March 31, 2022. However, this booking must be made before December 31, 2021, as the $100 SRV will still expire on that date.

To encourage Singaporeans to reinvent our city and support local businesses, from 1 December 2020, all Singaporeans aged 18 and over 2020 will receive a $100 Gift Voucher. The official platform where you can redeem this Discovery Voucher Singapore until December 31, 2021, is for your favorite attractions, hotels, and tours.

Cross Sectors

Why can’t Discovery Voucher Singapore only be used for hotels, attractions, and tours? What about other tourism-related businesses like FandB and retail?

The decline in international air travel due to COVID19 has had a significant impact on the travel industry. These vouchers are designed to help major tourism industries such as hotels, attractions, and tourism. These vouchers act as a national motivator by encouraging locals to explore and reinvent Singapore while supporting local tourism businesses.

It is also expected that Discovery Voucher Singapore will have an exponential impact on FandB and retailer shopping as locals use them to explore Singapore’s diverse offerings.

The Discovery Voucher Singapore

Can Discovery Voucher Singapore be Used for Exchange Through Other Unauthorized Booking Partners or Directly from Merchants?

The five official booking partners of the Discovery Voucher Singapore program are Changi Recommend by Changi Travel Services (CTS), GlobalTix, Klook, Traveloka, and Vouchers can only be redeemed with one of the official booking partners.

Some authorized booking partners may offer traders the opportunity to redeem on the merchant’s website. Please contact the authorized booking partner to see if this integration is possible. Sellers who meet eligibility criteria for attractions, hotels, and tours will be eligible to participate in this Discovery Voucher Singapore program. For more information on eligibility criteria. To be whitelisted as a seller, you must accept and comply with their respective terms and conditions.

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Traders Complaint

Vendors only qualify if they meet eligibility criteria for attractions, hotels, or tours. Unqualified merchants can work with eligible attractions, hotels, or tour operators to combine their experience with eligible voucher discovery products.

Packages that must follow the terms and conditions specified for merchants participating in this voucher Program and exclude nonqualified supporting products without specific travel value products (e.g. vouchers), recurring course packages, or membership programs).

The full value of the ticket purchase, excluding approved booking partner fees, will be passed on to the merchant. Since the commission rate is determined by the official booking partner, the seller is encouraged to contact the booking partner for more information.

The following information is also necessary to check. This is related to product transfer of the voucher. Each transfer of products redeemed for this coupon is governed by the terms and conditions of each merchant. If the terms and conditions allow the transfer, users can redeem the product for their Discovery Voucher Singapore and give it to someone else for use.

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What Packages Are Considered Eligible Under the Discovery Voucher Singapore Program?

The above question sometimes arises whenever someone decide to buy the voucher in advance. Packages eligible for the voucher program must meet the following conditions:

  • At least one package product must be a commodity, such as an overnight stay at an approved hotel, to receive a holiday reservation, attraction experience, or ticket.
  • The main product must be more than 50ri of the total package price. For example, if the lot is $100, the value of the main product should be greater than $50.
  • Supporting products in packaging should support the main product and increase the attractiveness of the basic product.

For a digital/virtual experience to be eligible for redemption of this voucher, merchants must provide the voucher as an additional product in the basic package of eligible hotels, attractions, and tour operators. All eligible plans must meet the above requirements.

Common Questions

There also several common questions related to the voucher. Therefore, it is necessary to check the answer of these questions. Some of the questions including:

  • Credits/points from membership or loyalty programs can be considered as additional products so that consumers can exchange them for other services at hotels or attractions?

Membership and/or loyalty programs are not eligible for motivated products. If the seller wishes to provide other services at the hotel or attraction, the seller may do so directly as part of the package or offer credit for services used during stays/visits and stays at the same hotel or attraction.

  • Can the seller offer a voucher that can be used during your next visit or visit?

Merchants can only offer coupons for their next stay/visit after purchase, as the coupon must be unlinked from the voucher program. These should not be shared before consumer decision-making or used as a marketing incentive to encourage product purchases.

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Discovery Voucher Singapore can only be used to purchase one-time admission to attractions as well as indoor tours/activities that are integral to the visitor experience at the attraction. Attractions may consider offering visitors special rates for these membership tickets, but this should be separate from this voucher scheme.