Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Many of you must have heard of the big name of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The bank has many branches in various countries and provides many important services for its customers. So do not be surprised if many people are interested in opening a bank account at this one bank and doing various kinds of financial transactions to certain investments.

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However, there are still many people who do not understand what this bank operates and what services can be obtained when joining the bank. There are many benefits to be gained from here. Therefore, to help give a view on this, follow the detailed explanation below.

About Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The first interesting thing is to know what the background and history of the founding of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia are. If you look at its history, the bank was first established in 1911 and opened its first branch in Melbourne. This opening received a good enough reception from the communities so that in the end the head office of the bank moved to Sydney in 1916.

In the 1920s this bank even managed to master the duties of state banks, one of which is by issuing banknotes. Even after this bank also expanded its function as a central bank in many regions of Australia so that it became one of the Australian government’s trust banks. Unfortunately, this didn’t go on much longer.

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In 1959, there was a controversy over dualism related to the function of commercial banks and bank central. In which a commercial bank is not supposed to run the tasks of a central bank. Therefore, the bank finally starts its task as a fully commercial bank for Australian communities.

Starting from 1991 until today, it is decided that this bank finally fully operates as a commercial bank in Australia. So that it keeps developing and bring many services for the customers. Furthermore, the bank keeps expanding and acquiring some other banks so that it stated its position as one of the major and famous banks in Australia.

Various Financial Services from Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia serves many services for their customers. This bank has many interesting programs that can be followed by the customer. There are many diversities regarding this service. So that the customer can prefer any necessary services from the bank. Some of the common services provided in this bank include the following.

• The first common service provided by the bank is banking services. This is including the services to create or open a bank account for a saving account of personal or company. So that anyone who plans to save some money in an account can use these services. This account is also accompanied by an interesting interest rate. So that you don’t have to worry about the benefits of its saving account.

• Furthermore, the bank also offers some online banking through mobile and the internet. So that it can ease anyone with a bank account in Commonwealth Bank of Australia to do any financial transaction anytime and anywhere. This service, helps many customers to dependently perform their financial transactions.

• Another service offered by the bank is several types of loans. Similar to most commercial banks in the world, the bank offers some personal loans either as a home loan or a car loan. So that anyone who needs some funds to get these needs will be able to apply for these services.

• The bank also offers some insurance services for the customer. Therefore, it can be a form of investment for the customer. Except for saving some amount of money, the customer will get sufficient protection for the health and the future. That is why some of the bank customers prefer to open a bank account here since they also need to get insurance too.

Various Branches and Location of Commonwealth Bank of Australia

As a multinational bank with many services and a stable position, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia has many branches. Not only in Australia, but the bank also develops more branches outside the country. So that it can help to serve more people from various countries.

Currently, the bank is located in many areas of Australia, including Sydney as the headquarter, and other areas. It notes more than 20 branches around Australia so that every Australian citizen will be able to get its service anywhere. Not to mention all ATMs and supporting branches in small cities.

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The bank also notes several branches outside Australia. It notes that this bank has some branches in Asia Pacific, Europe, America, and many more. So that any foreigners and expatriates who plan to open a bank account in this bank will not experience issues.

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These are some of the important things related to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia that need to be known to prospective customers. So that afterward customers who join can take advantage of all the benefits offered by this bank to the maximum. This includes financial services as expected by each of them. With getting suitable information and background of the bank, it can guarantee good service and benefits to reach by each customer of the bank.