What Business to Open in Bali

Who does not know Bali, an island in Indonesia that has a million charms? With the high number of tourists in Bali, it is not surprising that this is the right area for doing business as well as investing. However, the next question may arise, what business to open in Bali for investors? Be it local or foreign investors? If you want to know what the list of promising businesses to choose from in Bali is, check out the following information.

Tour and Travel Business

As an island with very rich tourist attractions, of course, the tour and travel business ranks at the top of a list of what business to open in Bali. This business provides attractive income and promises big profits. Especially because every year there are lots of local and foreign tourists who come to visit Bali to enjoy the various attractions in it. Therefore, do not hesitate to start a tour and travel business in Bali, guaranteed to provide fast and multiple benefits.

Food Business

Another thing that is no less sought after in Bali are various types of local and foreign food. Most tourists certainly feel curious about what typical Balinese food is like every day. Not only that, but various places selling food in tourist areas will generally be crowded with buyers. Therefore, try to set up a food business in Bali. Of course, it will be liked a lot and provide profits in a short time.

Coffee Shop Business

Until now, there are still many Balinese residents and tourists who like the pleasure of being at the Coffee Shop. Here there is a lot of interesting information that can be discussed while enjoying each other’s coffee tastes. Therefore, if you are wondering what business to open in Bali, just consider opening a coffee shop.

12 Promising Selections of What Business to Open in Bali

Local Fashion Business

Bali has a characteristic local dress that attracts several tourists. From Balinese fabrics to light and casual clothes for everyday Balinese style. Usually, this kind of clothing is targeted by tourists as souvenirs when returning to their original place. Therefore, it is not surprising that local fashion in Bali is growing rapidly. If you want to make a profit on the island of Bali, you should just try opening a local fashion boutique with competitive prices.

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Vehicle Rental

Another idea for what business to open in Bali is to make a vehicle rental place. Whether it’s the car or motorbike rental for local and foreign tourists. Public transportation rentals are needed in Bali, especially by tourists who do not have transportation facilities to get around Bali. Therefore, this business certainly provides attractive benefits for the perpetrators.

Wedding Organizer

Many couples love and choose Bali as a place for a wedding ceremony. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you choose to run a wedding organizer business in Bali. Not only is it fun to run, but it also promises attractive profits for the business owner.

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With the natural wealth and beautiful scenery in Bali, it is not surprising that the photography business is also growing rapidly on this one island. Most users of photography services in Bali are for pre-wedding purposes and other personal needs such as birthdays or corporate parties. So that’s why trying to set up a photography business as long as it is supported by the right skills will bring benefits.

Villa rental

The villa rental business is also believed to have bright prospects. As a tourist spot that is densely visited by tourists, villas can be an option for tourists to stay or stay temporarily when traveling in Bali.

Craft Shop

Almost all areas in Bali have a wide selection of interesting craft shops. This is because Balinese handicrafts are one of the targets of tourists to be used as souvenirs in their place of origin. Therefore, if you are looking for what business to open in Bali, the craft shop business is one of the right alternatives to choose from.

Tour Guide Services

Becoming a tour guide for tourists in Bali can also be the right choice. Especially because almost every day many tourists need the help of a tour guide when traveling around the island. Therefore, as one of the options in what business to open in Bali, opening a tour guide service can be one of the choices.

Online Delivery

There are many shops and places in Bali that require online delivery services. To support this need, there is nothing wrong with trying to do an online delivery business in the Bali area. Not only helping most other business actors but also helping to provide attractive business benefits.

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Laundry Business

Various kinds of tourists in Bali often look for the best laundry places that are clean and have friendly prices. This shows that the laundry business in Bali is growing well. Therefore, for investors who want to have a simple business in Bali, the laundry business can be one of the options.

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Those are some options for what business to open in Bali. Bali will always be a favorite place for tourists from anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you are good at guessing, there will be many profitable business options in Bali. Just do the appropriate preparations and start run your preferred business in Bali. Surely the benefits obtained will be quite promising.