What Business to Open in Jakarta

Jakarta the capital of Indonesia is a bustling metropolitan city and has a consumptive population. Therefore, doing business in this city is the right choice. However, there are still many business people who think about what business to open in Jakarta. Though there are quite a lot of interesting options that can be used as options.

Here are some interesting ideas that can be a business reference for business people in Indonesia. If you have several funds, there is no harm in investing in Jakarta. An alternative business that can be done, for example, is listed below.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage business is one of the favorite choices related to what business to open in Jakarta. With a fairly large population, it is not surprising that food needs are the main needs sought by Jakarta residents every day. Therefore, this one business will never die.

16 Excellent Choices of What Business to Open in Jakarta

Fashion Business

As a metropolitan city, of course, most of the residents of Jakarta like fashionable fashion. Starting from the young to the old, Jakarta is a city as a place to showcase trendy, prestigious fashion. Therefore, starting a fashion business in this city is guaranteed to be very profitable.

Baby Supplies Business

Who doesn’t know that Jakarta is the center for baby equipment of the most diverse brands? In addition, the market in Jakarta is quite wide and diverse. Therefore, if you are confused about what business to open in Jakarta, just try getting into this baby equipment business.

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Design Interior

Most residents of Jakarta use interior design services to beautify their homes. Therefore, trying to run this business is considered to provide promising benefits.

Private Tutor

Becoming a private tutor can also be an attractive business alternative in Jakarta. Moreover, in Jakarta, competition in the world of education is very tight. So it’s not surprising that most school students in this capital take additional private tutorials to make it easier to understand the school lessons they receive.

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Online Store

Recently, online shopping activities have increased, especially since the pandemic. Likewise, in Jakarta, more people like online shopping which is more practical and efficient than offline shopping. Therefore, there is no harm in setting up an online store business that sells various types of goods.

Drop Shipping Business

The drop shipping business is one of the business ideas related to what business to open in Jakarta. In addition to being easy to do, this business also does not require initial capital. So it is suitable for those who have limited funds.

Car Rental

Renting a car in Jakarta can also promise attractive benefits. Moreover, the people of this city are known to be quite dynamic. So if you are faced with what business to open in Jakarta, then the car rental business is one of the choices.


Opening a restaurant in Jakarta can also be an attractive alternative business option. Moreover, the high level of consumptiveness of the people of Jakarta makes various kinds and types of restaurants in Jakarta never die. Therefore, if you have enough capital, try to set up a restaurant business in the city.

Hair Beauty Salon

Beauty salons can also be a promising option when it comes to the choice of what business to open in Jakarta. Moreover, many office workers in Jakarta want to always look fashionable and attractive. So that one of them is by doing treatment at a beauty salon for maximum appearance.

Electronic Device

The progress of the times has made many residents of Jakarta choose the use of electronic devices. Starting from household electronic devices to smartphones that can be taken anywhere. Therefore, running an electronic device business in Jakarta will certainly provide many attractive advantages.

Smartphone Accessories Business

Smartphone users in big cities, including Jakarta, are of course quite high. Most users will generally buy attractive accessories that can beautify their smartphones. Therefore, the smartphone accessories business is an interesting option when asking what business to open in Jakarta.

Herbal Medicine Business

Various kinds of herbal remedies have also succeeded in capturing the attention of residents in Jakarta. Therefore, if you are looking for the right business in what business to open in Jakarta, then the herbal medicine business can be one of the choices.

Frozen Food Business

One more interesting option to choose from, namely the frozen food business. The demands of work that must be fast-paced and efficient make cooking time less or less. Therefore, do not hesitate to open a frozen food business to supply food needs in the homes of residents in Jakarta.

Laundry Business

Many also need clothes-washing services in the midst of a hectic schedule in Jakarta. Therefore, one of the interesting options that can be applied to do business in Jakarta is the laundry business.

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Online Transportation Business

The high mobility in Jakarta has forced a number of Jakarta residents to think more creatively in order to obtain adequate transportation. Therefore, just try to set up an online transportation business in Jakarta. Of course, there are many customers who want to use it.

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Those are some interesting choices for what business to open in Jakarta. So when in the Jakarta area, there are many business ideas that can be realized.