Tuition Fees at Australian National University

Higher education is a path pursued by individuals after completing their high school education. Despite the numerous universities in Indonesia, many choose to continue their studies abroad, such as in Australia. What are the tuition fees at Australian National University?

Australian National University

It’s important to note that Australian National University is a prestigious institution located in Canberra. In fact, it ranks as the number 1 university in Australia. That’s why pursuing education there is a source of pride. Moreover, Australian National University is globally recognized for its high-quality education, attributed to its elevated teaching standards. It’s no secret that tuition fees in Australia tend to be higher.

Looking at data from the year 2017, there were about 624,000 international students studying in the country. The high educational standards have led to many companies seeking graduates from this nation.

Tuition Fees at Australian National University

When deciding to study abroad, one crucial aspect to consider is the expenses that you will incur throughout your education. The costs are not equivalent to those in Indonesia due to currency value differences.

1. Tuition Fees at Australian National University for Undergraduate Programs

Each educational program naturally comes with a distinct fee. This is coupled with the high education quality offered there. In general calculation, for undergraduate programs, the tuition ranges from AUD 42,960 to AUD 45,168. When converted to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), this translates to approximately IDR 429,600,000 to IDR 451,680,000.

Aside from tuition fees, estimates should also encompass other points, such as accommodation costs, living expenses, visas, and transportation during your stay there. There are numerous fields of study available for international students.

2. Tuition Fees at Australian National University for Master’s Programs

As a point of information, a Master’s program follows a Bachelor’s degree or is considered a second-level degree. Many campuses offer Master’s programs in Indonesia. However, some individuals opt to continue their studies abroad, such as in Australia.

One distinguished and widely recognized institution is the Australian National University. To complete a Master’s degree there, you will need approximately IDR 331,680,000 to IDR 451,680,000.

These figures give an overview of tuition fees at Australian National University and should be considered along with other aspects when planning your education journey.

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Admission of International Students at Australian National University

As the number 1 university in Australia, students at Australian National University are certainly not ordinary. They are also the best graduates in their fields. Moreover, to enter a university that has received numerous Nobel Prizes, one needs to undergo special tests. Stringent selection processes are consistently carried out by the university to screen prospective students.

As an international student, you must first know what requirements need to be fulfilled to gain admission there. Additionally, Australian National University offers a variety of degree programs. Pursuing them requires significant effort and financial investment.

To become an official student, applicants go through a 3-stage selection process. First, there’s an assessment of eligibility based on various documents. Second, there’s an evaluation of previous school rankings. Third, candidates enter the offer phase.

When you progress to the offer stage, the university will provide admission results. You’ll also receive guidance on how to re-register for the next intake. It’s quite rigorous; that’s why its graduates are highly sought after by major companies.

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Requirements for Studying at Australian National University

To gain entry to Australian National University, there are several requirements that must be met, including academic criteria, such as having completed high school or an equivalent level of study. Here are the required qualifications:

1. Undergraduate Program Requirements

This relates to individuals who have undergone vocational training or associate diploma programs and are eligible to apply for undergraduate programs. Additionally, if you’ve previously studied for at least one year and wish to enrol at Australian National University, that’s possible under certain conditions. Aside from academic criteria, international prospective students must prepare a student visa, passport, and other supporting documents. That’s why the preparation process should start well in advance, at least 6 months before the application period begins.

2. Australian National University Postgraduate Program Requirements

For Indonesians aspiring to study abroad, especially at Australia’s prestigious Australian National University, various prerequisites must be met. Especially for postgraduate programs, the selection process is more stringent. This university is known for its successful graduates in the job market. To become part of the institution, completion of an undergraduate program is a prerequisite. Furthermore, the possessed degree must be recognized by the university.

3. Entry Requirements for Australian National University

Australian National University uses English as its official language. Therefore, in addition to academic criteria, prospective students must fulfil language proficiency criteria. International students must provide proof of passing the TOEFL exam, demonstrating their ability to use English effectively. Other accepted language tests include IELTS and Cambridge C1 Advance. Moreover, each study program has different score criteria.

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These are the details about tuition fees at Australian National University along with the various admission requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. If you plan to continue your studies abroad, start preparing now. Follow the required tests that fulfil the document requirements.