Transfez for business

After providing overseas money transfer services for various needs in the past few years, we realized something. There are other financial needs that we can serve beyond money transfers.

In the spirit of bridging purpose beyond boundaries, we want to truly embody it in our daily lives. And that’s why we present Transfez Business to all of our customers.

Through Transfez Business, we provide more than just local and international money transfers. We also offer invoice payments, reimbursements, payroll, corporate cards, and various other facilities.

As an illustration, you can learn about it through the following infographic:

Transfez & Transfez for Business: Which One is Suitable for You?

Who is Transfez Business For?

Transfez Business was developed to help businesses or professionals with financial needs. By using Transfez Business, you can easily complete transactions with large volumes in just few clicks.

Any type of business ranging from CV, PT, Foundation, Medium and Small Business, cooperatives, to large corporations, whether based in Indonesia or abroad, can use Transfez Business services for their financial management needs.

Products Offered by Transfez for Business

Corporate Credit Card

A corporate card (virtual or physical) is something that is not easy for some businesses to obtain. There are many requirements that must be met before applying. Not to mention the amount of time required. Even after applying, there is a possibility that the application will be rejected.

By using Transfez Business, you can get a corporate credit card to support your business needs within 7 days.


In addition, Transfez Business provides payroll feature to help your business’ payroll management, by giving you an easy access to processed employee salaries in bulk.

This feature can be limited to HR and Finance teams to protect data confidentiality.

Moreover, our Payroll service serves more than 100 banks and e-wallets.

Invoice Payments

With Invoice Payments service, Transfez Business offers data automation to manage various bills with OCR system support that can read invoice’s information, to prevent you from doing it manually. Payments can also be scheduled, so you don’t have to worry about late payments.


With the technology we have developed, you only need to take a photo of the bill to manage your team’s reimbursement needs. All the information listed, from the name of the purchase location, date, to the purchase amount, can be read by the OCR system

The approval process can also be customized to your company policies.

All of the above financial services can be obtained through Transfez Business. Not only various financial services that can be accessed, you can also get other special offers

Our team will be delighted and 24/7 ready to help your needs, and answer you questions.

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about Transfez Business here.