Transferring Money From Indonesia Abroad with Transfez

Money transfer service is an essential service for various reasons. A good service to transfer money overseas especially transferring money from Indonesia should offer competitive rates, quick transfer period, and fees that will not add extra financial burden. Nowadays, people also need a transfer service that does not require them to stand in the bank line.

Reliable service like Transfez provides all those benefits, but the question is: do you really need it? The answer is, unsurprisingly, yes.

Reasons for Transferring Money from Indonesia  Abroad

Here are several common reasons people transfer money overseas:

Income for Family Members/Spouses

This is one of the most common reasons people transfer money. People work in different countries from their loved ones for many reasons, and a reliable transfer service is important to provide income for them. A transfer service that sends money quickly is also important for payments such as utility and taxes.

Supporting Students

If you have children or family members who are studying abroad, the transfer service is important. They may need money for accommodation, meals, tuitions, transportation, and communication. Studying abroad presents a lot of challenges, and late financial support can make it more difficult.

Paying for Investments

People may have investments in other countries, like properties. A transfer service is necessary to maintain the investments or send regular funds.

Payments for Services or Products

If you buy or order something from individual buyers abroad, you need a transfer service that can send money fast, without burdening anyone with excessive or hidden fees. This is especially true if you pay for freelance services, like artists. 

Running Import Business

Starting an import business is not an easy feat, and you need a reliable transfer service to get constant supplies, keeping the business running smoothly.

Why Transfez is the Best Choice

Transfez is a reliable transfer service you can use for all these purposes. It offers everything you need from a money transfer service. The exchange rate between currencies is competitive, and the service is available for 47 countries in five continents. 

Transfez offers a convenient way to send money abroad without standing in line at the bank. You can also skip the hassles of printing documents to show before being able to send the money. Depending on where you send it, the money may arrive real-time or one day after.

Benefits of Using Transfez

Why should you use Transfez to send money abroad? Here are several benefits to get:

No Excessive Fees

Transfez only demands flat fees for its various transactions, starting from IDR45,000 (around USD3.17) and adjusted based on the destination. There is no sudden rise or hidden fees that will snatch some portions of your fund more than necessary.

Safe and Legal

Transfez has been legalized by respective financial institutions in the countries it serves. You do not need to worry about the legality and security in every transaction.


Pandemic restricts outdoor activities, which means online services become more important. Transfez allows you to send and receive money without going to the bank, which can be inconvenient, especially for those in small cities.

Transfez is the best tool to transfer money overseas especially to transferring money from Indonesia. Transfez is offering speed, convenience, and security. Make sure to check out the available promo codes for cheaper or even free transfer fees.