Top Universities Ranking in The World in the USA and the UK

When talking about the top Universities ranking in the world, of course, most of them will refer to universities in the USA and UK. These two countries are known as the most favorite study centers around the world. So, it is not surprising that the ranking of several universities in the country can rank at the top.

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Of course, it takes careful preparation to be admitted to these prestigious universities. So, it can be said that it is not easy to become one part of the University. Not to mention the number of tuition fees that are not small. If you are curious about which top Universities rankings in the world, see the information below.

Top Universities Ranking in the United States

Top Universities Ranking in The World in the USA and the UK

Most of the top Universities ranking in the world is located in the USA. Precisely, the lists of the universities as mentioned in the following.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The first top Universities ranking in the world and also in the USA is MIT or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Universities is located in Cambridge Massachusetts in the United States. The campus or Universities built in 1861 is a private research college.

This campus does not only accept local Americans. But more than that this campus also accepts international citizens. Even the opportunities for international students seem to be wide open at this Universities. No wonder this Universities is widely known among the world’s students. Even many students who want to study at this best Universities.

Stanford Universities

It’s not just MIT that is a well-known campus in America. But there is also another top Universities ranking in the USA, namely Stanford Universities. This Universities may have been heard very often by students. Even many students from outside the U.S. know it.

If viewed from its location, it is known that Stanford Universities is located in the Silicon Valley area. Furthermore, it is the third place of top Universities ranking in the world.

This area is a center of innovation in the U.S. and many create technology companies. This is what makes the campus always encouraged to give birth to the best achievements through its graduates. This is why this campus has always been a target for many talented and accomplished people.

Harvard Universities

Harvard Universities is also known as one of the prestigious campuses which ranks as the 5th top Universities ranking in the world. In America itself, this Universities is included in the best campus ranks.

Not only a favorite but this top Universities in the USA also has a history that is quite astonishing. Harvard Universities is the oldest campus in the United States.

The campus was founded in 1636. Harvard Universities has always colored history by making achievements. This of course makes Harvard one of the most famous universities. Not only in America but the fragrant name of this campus has even gone global.

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Top Universities Ranking in the United Kingdom

The next top universities ranking in the world are mostly located in the UK. Therefore, there are several best universities in the country such as listed in the following.

Universities of Oxford

The Universities of Oxford is a very favorite top Universities ranking not only in the country but also around the world. It is at the 2nd rank of the top Universities in the world. All students dream of being able to study at the best Universities.

Therefore, it is not easy to be admitted to the oldest Universities in England.

Moreover, this Universities ranking is included as the world’s first rank by the Times Higher Education World Universities Rankings and is ranked second in the world version of QS World Universities Rankings.

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Universities of Cambridge

The next top Universities ranking in the world located in the UK is the Universities of Cambridge. Everyone must have heard of this big name from this Universities. So, it is not surprising that every year the Universities of Cambridge receives many outstanding students from various countries in the world.

So, this makes it not only the best Universities in the UK, but also in Europe and even around the world. This is evidenced by his position as 4th rank in the World Universities Rankings.

Imperial College London

If you dream of becoming one of the top Universities students in the UK, then try applying to Imperial College London. This place is a top Universities ranking that also has the best accreditation in the UK. So do not be surprised if until now the campus remains an option for many students in the world.

Moreover, this Universities is famous for its materials science and engineering programs. It is the 7th place of top Universities ranking in the world.

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After seeing the top Universities ranking in the world above, of course, it is clear which one will be the target Universities for the future. Whether it is in the USA or the UK, everything has good quality and is well-known. So that not only helps provide optimal education or knowledge but also gain recognition from all over the world.