Understanding Definition And Kinds of Payment Method

Choosing an online payment method is important so that later transactions are easier. In an increasingly modern era like now, it is easier for people to run their business using an online payment system (internet payment system).

The rapid development of technology from time to time is certainly the reason for the presence of various conveniences for making transactions or payments between consumers and business people. With online payment, now you no longer need to queue for a long time to make payments for goods purchased. Easy online payment methods will certainly be the choice of everyone who wants to shop online.

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This is because choosing an E-commerce payment system is one of the most important things for business start-ups in the digital world. Even as mature as the business plan you have prepared, all buying and selling transactions can be hampered if you choose the wrong E-commerce payment method system. Then you as an online business owner must choose the right payment system.

Those of you who have an online business, of course, already understand the increasingly tough competition. One way that you can do to convince customers is by having an easy and secure payment method. The increasingly fierce competition in E-commerce certainly urges you to use the best payment system, one of the goals is so that customers will get convenience in transactions.

What is an online payment method?

Understanding Definition And Kinds of Payment Method

The online payment method is a transaction and payment service that is carried out online or server-based. By using online payment transactions, your transactions will be safer and more comfortable. As the emergence of online business basically aims to make it easier for you to make buying and selling transactions.

Therefore, the payment method used should also facilitate the transaction process. Currently, online-based payment processes are more in demand when compared to payment systems that are usually done in person.

Are there advantages to choosing an online payment method?

Every transaction made when shopping online certainly has its own advantages. As is the case if you choose an online payment method. Here are some of the advantages when choosing online payments;

1. Online payment systems better meet your needs in choosing the desired payment method, where the internet payment system already provides various payment options as long as you are going to make a transaction.

2. All transactions and payments made when shopping online, of course, you can do in a faster and more effective time. You don’t have to stand in long queues which will only be a waste of time.

3. Services with online payment systems will certainly minimize the occurrence of crimes that often occur in cash payment systems. That way the transactions and payments you make will be more secure and comfortable.

4. You don’t need to have a credit card or the like because, with online payment methods, you can make transactions more easily and practically through your cellphone. Nowadays, many people want to be more practical in shopping, one of which is by downloading an online shopping application that not only provides an easy way to shop but also makes payments easy.

Kinds of Payment Method

Online payment methods are a way for customers to pay for goods and services. With the proliferation of marketplaces and online transactions, payment methods in Indonesia are now very varied. For business owners, choosing what payment method to offer is very important. Especially, according to business and customer needs. So, what are the current payment methods? Here are the details:

Bank Transfer

The most widely used payment method. Including virtual accounts that have been integrated with e-commerce.

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Credit Card

Currently, Credit card payments are usually safe, because they are equipped with fraud guards, dynamic 3DS, and systems such as On-Us Routing.

Retail Cash

Payments are made via cash at Alfamart and Indomaret throughout Indonesia.


Payments via e-Wallet are among the most popular today. These include Ovo, Dana, Link Aja, to Shopee Pay and Gopay.

Credit Cardless

Credit/installment payments without a card are now increasingly prevalent. For example, Kredivo.

Direct Debit

Payments that directly withdraw money from the user’s bank account, suitable for recurring payments without OTP.

QR Code

E-wallet payments and bank applications that are integrated with the national QR network (Gopay, Ovo, Dana, BCA, Shopeepay).

There are explanations about payment method, hope this article is useful.

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