Lists of Singapore Transportation Cost

When you decide to live in Singapore, one of the important considerations to make is the transportation cost. In Singapore, you can find numerous selections of transportation systems with various cost too. However, a newcomer in this city will get no overview related to Singapore transportation cost. While this cost needs to be considered if you have to use transportation every day to support your activities. To get some overview related to this Singapore transportation cost, the following paragraphs will help to explain.

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Singapore Transportation Cost for Bus

The first information to know is the common fare for a public bus in Singapore. When you select a public bus for your transportation, then you need to consider the fare accordingly. Usually, the public bus in this country will charge some fare according to your travel distance. A more far distance will result in a more expensive cost to pay. However, no worry about the cost since Singapore public bus is well known for its cheaper cost. For a trip around the city center, the public bus will only charge about 1.4 SGD at the start. Then it will increase if you take a longer distance.

Singapore Transportation Cost for Taxi

The next interesting information to know is the cost of having a taxi around Singapore. Sometimes you will find that you are in hurry and want to take a taxi for your transportation. Therefore, you need to know the starting price of this transportation. Currently, most taxis in Singapore operate with a charge of around 5 SGD to 10 SGD if you need to visit one place to another place within the city center. But, if you need to get a taxi for a longer distance, then you have to pay more. Especially if you’re dealing with many kinds of stuff, then a taxi can be your best option to choose from.

Singapore Transportation Cost for LRT

The cost for an LRT in Singapore can consider pretty cheap. Since to get this transportation, you will get charged starting from 1.4 SGD only. If you take a longer trip, then the price will be accumulating. However, LRT is one of the considered transportation in Singapore for its lower cost compared to the taxi.

Singapore Transportation Cost for MRT

Similarly, with the LRT cost, the MRT in Singapore also applies the same fare. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying for daily transportation using the MRT. What you need to do is to spend 1.4 SGD at the first station, then it will be increased according to the number of your stations. But again, similar to LRT this is one of the most favorite public transport. Since the overall price is still reasonable for many Singaporeans. Furthermore, the service is also excellent so that you can reach anywhere in Singapore in fasten time and lower price too.

Singapore Transportation Cost for International Rail

An international train will charge for more expensive cost. However, it is normal since you will take the train for some hours. Such as if you want to go to Johor by train. It will charge you around 5 SGD for a five minutes’ travel. While if you plan to go to Kuala Lumpur, then you need to pay more cost to arrive there. Normally, it will charge around 20 SGD to 30 SGD. But of course, you get good service while traveling and the travel itself will require several hours until your reach your destination.

Singapore Transportation Cost for Economic Airlines

Singapore also has some options for economic airlines. This is an interesting thing related to the Singapore transportation cost. Since the cost of economic airlines is pretty cheap compared to other airlines from other countries. Therefore, with this budget airline, you can save some amount of money.

Singapore Transportation Cost for Executive Airlines

A different way if you choose to use an executive airline that will charge you the cost of a common international flight cost. Therefore, you have to prepare a double budget compare with using economic airlines. However, these executive planes will offer you a better service and convenience too while flying. That is why some people who plan to travel for a business will prefer this service rather than the economic airlines.

Singapore Transportation Cost for Passenger Boats

The next Singapore transportation cost to consider is the cost for passenger boats. There are many people in Singapore also using the passenger boats, such as those from Batam that plan to go to Singapore. They can reach the country only within 30 minutes through a fast ferry from Batam to Singapore. On the other way, anyone who plans to leave Singapore with less budget can also select this kind of transportation that only costs about 42 SGD round trip.

Through the information above, you can get a suitable overview related to the common Singapore transportation cost. So that you can estimate all your expenses while staying in the country. Mainly if you need to have outdoor activities and travel a lot in Singapore. With this estimated price and cost, you can prepare a sufficient budget according to your needs for your daily transportation.

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