Durian Singapore: Season and Where to Get Best Durian in Singapore

Those of you visiting Singapore may need to consider local foods and fruit in this country. One of the famous ones is Durian Singapore which tastes good and feels like heaven for Durian lovers. Therefore, whenever coming to this place, you need to consider trying one of the available types of durians in the country.

Of course, it might not easy to find the most suitable type which tastes delicious. Furthermore, you might find problems when have to choose the best fruit here.

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Therefore, to help you with the selection, the paragraphs below will give you an overview of Durian Singapore. Whether the types and the tips to choose the right one. Keep reading!

Durian Singapore: Season and Where to Get Best Durian in Singapore

Various Types of Durian Singapore

For preliminary information, you may want to know how many types are available for Durian Singapore. Durian is also found in several other Asian countries. But the types can be various and the taste also different. If you come to Singapore, the following are the top three best Durian in the country that is mostly liked by Singaporeans.

Authentic Black Gold

It is a Black Gold Durian harvested and cultivated from the oldest, most pedigreed durian trees. The fruit has the most nuanced and refined durian flavors. Therefore, it is one of the favorite types in Singapore. For all durian fans, this Durian Singapore is a must-try.

Black Gold was named after its dark, black veins underneath the durian flesh. Do not confuse that with being bruised. These are the telltale signs of mature durians. Similar to Pahang Old Tree MSW, expect a strong, stinging aroma that will knock you out on your first whiff.

Musang King

The obvious pick for most Singaporeans is Mao Shan Wang, often known as Musang King. Locals are addicted to the bittersweet flavor and creamy texture of this durian, which no other durian can equal.

This is the most popular durian breed, also known and abbreviate MSW to many Singaporeans. The fruit is also a favorite among many people in Singapore. Furthermore, this durian is rich with its creamy flesh that delights your palate and a sweet. However, somewhat it has a bitter taste, but the Musang King was always successful to grabs hearts.

If you don’t feel like going on a durian search, many durians can deliver directly to your door. All deliveries are made within 60 minutes, ensuring that you receive the freshest durians possible. Further tips, keep an eye out for its distinguishing features. Usually, it includes a star-shaped mark at the bottom of the husk and a bald stem.

Red Prawn

The Red Prawn is a fantastic starter for a durian supper. This is because of its rich sweet flavor. Its flesh is creamier than that of the Royal and Musang King.

Furthermore, it is quite popular among children and others who enjoy sweet flavors. Therefore, this Durian Singapore is a must-try type whenever you come to this country.

Due to the reddish glow color of the flesh, many Singaporeans call this fruit Red Prawn Durian. This means that the fruit color is similar to Hong Xia or Udang Merah. Not only has a unique color, but the taste is also very sweet and the texture is quite sticky.

The aftertaste of Red Prawn Durian is milky. Furthermore, it also has voluminous flesh with the ratio of the seeds is pretty small. Therefore, if you chase for bigger flesh, then it can be a good option to try.

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Tips to Buy Durian Singapore

Finding decent durians is a difficult task. There are other elements to consider, including weight, scent, color, and even the durian’s provenance. Because quality durians aren’t inexpensive, it’s critical to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth and have a current durian guide.

We’ve identified some popular sorts of durians that Singaporeans swear by to help you get started on your search for high-quality durians. Continue reading for a durian shopping guide that includes tips to choose each durian kind, flavor, and taste. See the specific guides in the following points.

Checking the Freshness

The first is to check the freshness of Durian Singapore. You have to check the dryness of the flesh. See the large cracks in the fruit whether it is normal or not. Then, you also need to check the stem to indicate whether the durian is old or not. If the stem is dry and the crack too large, then don’t pick it.

Checking the Ripeness

Next is to check the ripeness of Durian Singapore. You have to know by looking at the seed. You can hear the sound of knocking it. Otherwise, you can also consider the weight of the fruit. A ripe fruit will have knocked sound when shaken. Furthermore, it will be lighter compared to another unripe Durian.

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Those are all the overviews about Durian Singapore. Mainly about the type of durian available in the country and how to select the best one. So that in case you plan to get the fruit while visiting the country, you wouldn’t get any issues. Furthermore, selecting a suitable ripe and fresh durian will lighten your day as a durian lover.