All You Need to Know About Teaching in Singapore

Teaching in Singapore must meet the local requirement by every one of you who really wants to become a teacher in this country. The profession as a teacher is basically a type of profession that must be carried out seriously and earnestly. Because this is related to the process of giving knowledge and insight to the students.

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Of course, a teacher must be able to do his job properly and appropriately and behave well and can be examined by his students. For that, it takes several conditions for everyone who wants to become a teacher in Singapore such as the following.

High Academic Grades

All You Need to Know About Teaching in Singapore

High academic value seems to be one of the conditions for those of you who want to teaching in Singapore. These academic grades will focus first on the teacher recruiting team. Generally, this high academic score must be achieved when you are in high school. The opportunity to become a teacher is given greater to someone who has achieved the highest academic grades in his school.

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In addition, great opportunities are also given to students who occupy the top-ranked positions in their graduation year. One-third of students with the highest grades or the highest ranking in their graduation year during high school will get a great opportunity to become teachers in Singapore.

Majoring in Teacher Education at University

For students who achieve the highest academic grades in high school will usually get a greater opportunity to major in teacher education at the university. Even high school students with the highest grades who major in university will get an allowance of 60% which is taken from the teacher’s salary.

By majoring in teacher education, it is expected that a prospective teacher can understand more about how to become a teacher. The basics of teaching in Singapore is expected to be a provision for you to be able to teach well in Singapore.

Understand The Curriculum

It’s not just high grades that are noticed when appointing someone to be a teacher. But someone who wants to be recruited to teaching in Singapore should understand the curriculum used and applied in this country. Because basically Singapore’s mission precisely in the world of education can be said only about how the appropriate and aligned curriculum can be delivered.

Of course, to be able to deliver this curriculum requires teachers who have high quality. Every qualified teacher can certainly implement the curriculum that is used in a country. Similarly, Singapore also has the goal that the world of education can develop through the application of the curriculum used.

Understand Pedagogy

Basically, the term teaching is not always identical to the teacher. However, teachers become symbols for the term teacher who should understand and master pedagogy. The term pedagogy itself refers to the art science for a teacher in doing the teaching. You could also say that this pedagogy is a strategy used by a teacher in carrying out the teaching system. With the ability to understand pedagogy later you will become a teacher who has a good teaching style.

Have Participated in Training

Various training also needs to be followed by those of you who want to teaching in Singapore. Real training doesn’t just happen in the classroom when you go to college. But more than that training can also be obtained outside of formal education.

With training in both formal and informal education, of course, you will get teaching experience. Practical activities that must be undertaken during the training process can also be a provision for you in becoming a professional teacher and advancing the world of education.

Commitment to Serve the Teaching Profession

Academic ability and teaching experience may be a provision for you to step up and carry out tasks as a teacher. But the commitment within you to serve as a teacher must also be owned. With this commitment, you will have good character as a teacher.

Not only that, but you will also be a responsible teacher. You will also be a role model for anyone because of the full commitment in yourself to serve the teaching profession. For this reason, commitment needs to be formed from the beginning so that the profession as a teacher is not carried out with a sense of forcedness and burden.

Patience in Serving Students

One more thing that must be owned by everyone who wants to teaching in Singapore is patience. This patience even becomes accounting for those of you who want to become teachers and do have a commitment to serve their work as teachers. To serve the students, it takes very high patience. Because a learner must face many students with various characters.

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The requirements of teaching in Singapore listed above shall be fulfilled if you really want to become a teacher. Maybe at first all the above conditions felt that it could not be fulfilled easily. But if indeed you have determined to devote yourself to the world of education, then you can certainly meet all the conditions that have been set based on the applicable policy in Singapore.