What is a Pogue in Outer Banks Everything You Need to Know

Watching the TV series The Outer Banks is indeed exciting and exciting. But behind this story, of course, there are still those who do not understand correctly about the story in this series. Including what is a pogue in Outer Banks. Because those who do not follow with a runout may not know about this.

Of course, if you want to know about this, you should watch The Outer Banks starting from the first episode in the first season. But it may also be that not all have time to see this series from the first time it was launched.

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Therefore, another alternative to be able to know about terms and stories in The Outer Banks, here is a little explanation related to it. Including finding out an explanation of what is a pogue in the Outer Banks. So it becomes quite clear about the story in this series, including all the terms used in the film. Here’s more information and an overview of a pogue in the Outer Banks.

Outer Banks Synopsis

Outer Banks Synopsis

In the first season, you can find adventure and mystery stories from the Outer Banks that are full of mystery scenes covered in romantic love stories. While in this second season you can still enjoy the atmosphere of mystery that will not be boring. Because this mystery is wrapped with exciting adventure scenes to enjoy. In this second season, you will see a treat story that tells about the efforts of lovers John B and Sarah to reclaim the treasure that was found from Sarah’s father.

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In this second season, you will also find the story of JJ and Pope and Kie who know that John B and Sarah died. The story of the death of John B and Sarah is also colored by the tragic situation. Of course, this news made JJ and Pope, and Kie grieve for the loss of their two best friends.

Even so, the three friends of John B and Sarah decided to continue and complete the treasure hunt that had been started by John B. The actions of the characters in this story will always make you feel tense and wait and guess the events that will happen next.

About a Pogue in Outer Banks

About a Pogue in Outer Banks

As for what is a pogue in the Outer Banks is a group of people in the TV series. Where these pogues are people come from the northern region of the Outer Banks. So specific to residents or residents in certain areas in the Outer Banks region.

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Behind the name given, pogue is also unique. Because according to its history, the word pogue is derived from the name of a special fish in the Outer Banks region. The fish in question is the smallest food chain in the ocean. Where it is generally used only as bait for larger fish. Or used as bait for fishing for other more important fish. So like the fish intended in this case, pogue is a collection of people who are ignored.

The presence of pogues on the Outer Banks is often invisible. While this pogue also has a simple vision and mission in carrying out his life. Most of them just want to live a life of fun together. As for this TV series, the pogue consists of several people, namely John B, Kiara Carrera, Sarah Cameron, Pope Heyward, JJ Maybank, and of course Cleo.

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About The Kooks in Outer Banks

About The Kooks in Outer Banks

On the other hand, besides the pogue, apparently in this area of the Outer Banks, there is also The Kooks. This is interesting because the TV series brings up two different groups with desires and preferences that are also not the same. Because these Kooks are residents of the Outer Banks with a better economic level than pogues. It means that their whole life is also completely different.

The Kooks live in a luxurious environment, a big house, nice clothes, and don’t have to live hard every day. Unlike the pogues who are of course on the more disadvantaged side. So it doesn’t have as many things as good as those of the Kooks. Therefore, if you look further, these two groups have a significant social gap between them.

From the information above, it can be seen that the TV series The Outer Banks raised two stories at once on the show. that is between a pogue vs a kook. Whereof course the two have completely different things. So this series wants to lift the information of life that exists from two sides. From the side that has everything, and from the simpler side and life as it is.

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What is a pogue in the Outer Banks is of course now quite clearly informed. Not only knowing about pogue but also understanding the character of the opponent, namely the kooks. So from here the lovers of the TV series can also recognize which position is better and more fun to have. It all depends on their point of view. Even being a pogue is not necessarily difficult to deal with. Being a kook is also not necessarily all easy.