Tuition Fees at Tsinghua University

Planning to continue your education at Tsinghua University in China? The information you need to know includes the tuition fees at Tsinghua University, which are undoubtedly different from Indonesia. This university is internationally recognized for its quality.

Tsinghua University

Have you ever heard the saying, “Pursue knowledge to the land of China”? Well, it seems that saying holds true. In China, there is a renowned university offering various study programs, and that’s Tsinghua University.

Furthermore, this university is part of the C9 League, an alliance initiated by the Chinese government. Tsinghua University has been in operation since 1911 and has grown significantly since then.

It’s no secret that Tsinghua University has educated numerous prominent leaders, especially in politics, science, academia, and business. In 2018, Tsinghua University was ranked as the best university in China. In 2019, there were more than 50,000 students studying here, including undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students. Originally, Tsinghua University was a school that prepared students to study in the United States. However, it has now become a modern and advanced institution.

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Faculties and Departments at Tsinghua University

For those considering studying at Tsinghua University, you can choose from a variety of departments. Be sure to align your choice with your talents and interests for a successful academic journey. Remember that pursuing something reluctantly is unlikely to lead to success.

1. School of Architecture

The School of Architecture is the first faculty on the list, suitable for those interested in the field of construction. In this department, students learn about both art and techniques to bring them to life. There are various study focuses within this faculty, such as Urban Planning Architecture, Architectural and Civil Engineering, and Landscape Architecture. If you’re interested in becoming a development consultant, one of these programs could be a suitable choice.

2. School of Civil Engineering

Engineering faculties have become increasingly popular among prospective students. If previously you studied art, in this faculty, the focus shifts to design, planning, construction, and renovation of buildings. Civil engineering isn’t limited to buildings; it encompasses environmental conditions for the greater good. Choosing civil engineering can provide clearer future prospects, leading to roles such as infrastructure experts, construction managers, quality control analysts, and construction specialists.

3. School of Environment

For students entering the School of Environment, the focus is on learning about the environment and the living organisms within it. This involves understanding humanity’s position and actions needed for harmonious coexistence. Environmental knowledge isn’t the sole focus; students also learn about the economic, social, and health aspects. Programs within this faculty include Wastewater Engineering and Environmental Engineering Water Supply.

4. School of Information Science and Technology

The field of information science and technology is the largest faculty at Tsinghua University, and it boasts exceptional facilities to support students’ learning. This presents a unique advantage, allowing students to delve deeply into the world of information science and technology. Programs within this faculty include Integrated Circuit and Computer Technology.

5. Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Science

While this faculty only offers one program, Tsinghua University provides three educational levels: undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate. This versatility contributes to the university’s popularity. Students can directly enroll in the Computer Science & Technology program, and they can also pursue professional programs and higher education within this field.

6. Department of Chemical Engineering

This faculty includes a three-month research program during the study period, offering hands-on experience rather than solely theoretical knowledge. There are three programs to choose from: Pharmaceutical Engineering (available for undergraduate studies only), Chemical Engineering, and Biotechnology Engineering (both available for professional training).

7. School of Science

If you graduated with a science background in secondary school, you can continue your education at Tsinghua University with more focused studies. There are seven departments to choose from, including Chemical Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Physics, and Information and Computing Science. If you’re interested in pursuing a professional program, the Applied Statistics department is a suitable choice.

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Tuition Fees at Tsinghua University

Apart from choosing your field of study, it’s crucial to consider the tuition fees at Tsinghua University. As a renowned and internationally recognized institution, Tsinghua University has high standards. Moreover, pursuing a bachelor’s degree requires four years of study. In 2023, you’ll need approximately CNY 519,000 for tuition. Keep in mind that this amount may increase annually. Additionally, the mentioned figure covers the initial registration fee until graduation.

Using a currency exchange rate of 1 RMB = Rp 2,332, the tuition fees for a four-year undergraduate program at Tsinghua University amount to Rp 1,210,308,000.

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That concludes the information about tuition fees at Tsinghua University. The faculties and departments mentioned above aren’t exhaustive, so feel free to search for more detailed information on Tsinghua University’s official website.