Transfez Referral

Dear FezFriend,

Our journey these past few years would not be what it is today without your presence and support. It’s been over three years now, and we’ve served more than 60 destination countries.

Without all of you, it would have been incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for us to be where we are today. Therefore, as a token of our appreciation and gratitude, we want to share some joy with all of you, especially those who have contributed significantly by introducing us to your family, community, colleagues, and the people around you.

Thanks to your assistance, we can serve and help even more people every day. To mark this, we are launching the Referral Bonanza program.

Transfez Referral Bonanza

This program is a reward-based referral activity organized by Transfez, starting from September 21st to December 21st, 2023.

Every Transfez user who has an active referral code (read more about the Transfez Referral Program here) can participate in this program and is eligible to receive door prize according to the terms and conditions of this program.

The terms and conditions of this program apply exclusively to each participant. By participating in this program or claiming a door prize from this program, participants are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.

Transfez Referral Bonanza Prize List

By participating in this program, you can win 1 (one) iPad 10, Wi-Fi 64gb for 1 (one) Winner.

Terms and Conditions

1. Participant Program Participation Terms and Conditions

  1. Participants will receive a referral code that will become active automatically once the participant’s Transfez account has been successfully verified, and the participant has made at least one transaction with a value of Rp3,500,000 through the Transfez app.
  2. Participants must invite at least 3 (three) people to register on the Transfez app using the referral code obtained by the participant (“Referee”) according to the above provisions.
  3. Each participant who successfully acquires 3 (three) Referees, as per the conditions in point (b) above, is entitled to receive lottery tickets for each Referee.
  4. The acquisition of lottery tickets as referred to in point (c) above is carried out according to the following conditions:
    1. (i) Participants who successfully acquire 3 (three) Referees will receive 3 (three) lottery tickets.
    2. (ii) If a participant invites more than 3 (three) Referees, the participant is entitled to receive 1 (one) additional lottery ticket for each subsequent Referee, and so on.
    3. To avoid any confusion, if a participant only manages to acquire less than 3 (three) Referees, the participant will not be included in the Winner’s Drawing.
  5. The period for acquiring lottery tickets for the program will be closed at 11:59 PM WIB on December 21st, 2023.
  6. Transfez representatives have full discretion in determining the eligibility of participants to acquire lottery tickets as stipulated in these terms and conditions. Such discretion and decisions cannot be disputed or contested under any circumstances.

2. Program Mechanism and Door Prize Award

  1. Participants are eligible to receive prizes or door prizes if they are drawn as winners by Transfez representatives.
  2. Winning participants (“Winners”) can claim their door prizes within the time frame specified by Transfez in section (f) below.
  3. The drawing of winners is determined using a spinning wheel, with the following conditions:
    1. Each participant’s referral code will be entered into the spinning wheel in the same quantity as the lottery tickets obtained by the participant.
    2. Participant referral codes with less than 3 lottery tickets cannot be included in the spinning wheel.
  4. Transfez uses a third-party application/website to determine the drawing of winners. Therefore, any decisions related to the determination of winners are not the responsibility of Transfez, and participants hereby release Transfez from any claims related to the decision regarding the selection of winners.
  5. Participants who successfully meet the terms and conditions herein have a greater chance of winning door prizes.
  6. The drawing of the Program’s Winners will be conducted via live Instagram on the social media account as per the schedule we will inform through our social media, no later than 10 (ten) business days after the end of this Program, or at another time determined by Transfez.
  7. The deadline to claim Winner door prizes is no later than 10 (ten) business days after the announcement of the Winners. If the Winners do not claim the door prizes within the specified time, the Winners will not be entitled to the door prize, and the prize will be deemed forfeited.
  8. Transfez will determine only 1 (one) Winner, who is entitled to receive one door prize. The door prize specified in this program is 1 (one) iPad 10, Wi-Fi 64gb for 1 (one) Winner; prize taxes will be borne by Transfez.
  9. Winners must be cautious and avoid fraudulently claiming to be associated with Transfez. Transfez is not responsible for any claims made by Winners or any other party alleging fraud or deception by someone claiming to represent Transfez.
  10. Transfez reserves the right to cancel the Winners at any time if it finds fraud or violations of these Program Terms and Conditions or Transfez’s Service Terms and Conditions.

3. Winner Verification

  1. Winners will be contacted based on the winner’s account information on the Transfez Application.
  2. To verify that the participant is a legitimate Winner, the Winner must follow these requirements:
    1. Transfez representatives will email the Winner’s registered email address on the Transfez app.
    2. The Winner will be asked to verify the email by responding to the email from Transfez representatives with a screenshot of the Winner’s Transfez account along with a photo of their ID card (KTP).
  3. After the Winner’s identity is successfully verified, Transfez will send the prize to the Participant’s address, with shipping costs borne by Transfez.

4. Additional Information

  1. All information regarding updates and announcements, including winner announcements and further information about this Program, will be provided by Transfez representatives through email and Transfez’s official social media accounts.
  2. Transfez has full rights to terminate, cancel, or modify the Program and these Terms and Conditions at any time due to events beyond our control or potential violations of applicable laws or regulations. Any changes to this program will be communicated to participants as soon as possible.
  3. Transfez is not responsible for any matters related to fraud, participant losses, negligence, or matters outside the scope of these Terms and Conditions.
  4. All decisions and matters related to this program are final.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our call centre via email or WhatsApp:

That concludes the information regarding the Transfez Referral Bonanza program. Don’t forget to download the Transfez app if you haven’t already on your mobile device.