Top University in Japan

As an earthquake-prone country, this developed country has an excellent top university in Japan. Continuing high school in Japan, especially in the field of Engineering is a good thing.

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Below will be explained some good and well-known universities that can be used as a reference when you want to continue your studies to get a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree.

Top University in Japan

1. Tokyo University

The University of Tokyo is the top university in Japan among students all over the country and students from abroad. This 117-year-old university is a leading public research university in Japan and the first member of the Seven National Universities. The university’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate programs in English.

In addition, several master’s programs in Economics, Environmental Science and Engineering are also delivered in English.

In addition to its complete facilities, the University of Tokyo also offers tuition assistance, various scholarships, and career support for international students. Because the language of instruction at this university is English, students from abroad don’t have to worry about learning Japanese. For this reason, what needs to be improved is self-competence in terms of science other than English.

2. Kyoto University

The second city besides Tokyo that developed in Japan is the city of Kyoto. No wonder Kyoto University is one of the oldest universities in Japan. Just like some of the universities above, Kyoto University is also a member of the Seven National Universities in Japan. This top university in Japan offers an undergraduate program in English for the major in Civil Engineering.

The Master’s Program in Environmental Management and Social Informatics is also offered in English. Kyoto University provides scholarships, career support and accommodation for international students.

The Department of Civil Engineering is certainly very advanced because Japan is a country that is very concerned about earthquakes. No wonder graduates from universities in Japan, especially at Kyoto University are very good in Civil science.

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3. Tokyo Institute of Technology

The Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) is a public university that is more than 130 years old. The university has around 1,200 international students. The university, which has 3 campuses, also offers one undergraduate program and several master and doctoral programs in English. Apart from providing scholarships, Tokyo Tech also provides comprehensive support services for students.

4. Osaka University

Osaka University is one of the members of the Seven National Universities in Japan that made it onto this list. This top university in Japan has five research institutes and renowned lecturers. Two undergraduate programs are delivered in English, and for the postgraduate level, there are five courses in English. The campuses are in Suita, Toyonaka, and Mino. The university also offers scholarships and tuition waivers for eligible international students.

5. Tohoku University

Tohoku University is also a public university that is part of the Seven National Universities. The university offers three undergraduate programs and several master’s programs in English. Tohoku University has five campuses where you can find museums, libraries, conference venues, stage shows, parks, and a hospital.

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6. Nagoya University

Nagoya University is a research-focused university. The university offers undergraduate programs in English for the majors: of Automotive Engineering, Chemistry, and Social Sciences.

Master programs offered in English include Medicine, Physics, Mathematics and Japanese Cultural Studies in Asia. In addition to comprehensive student support facilities and services, Nagoya University as a top university in Japan also offers research grants and scholarships.

7. Kyushu University

The thing that impressed me when I first arrived at Kyushu university was the very cool building layout. Kyushu University is a member of the Seven National Universities in Japan. The university is in Fukuoka and offers undergraduate programs in English for Engineering, Biomaterials and Bio-environment. The university also provides scholarships and a comprehensive range of support services for international students.

8. Hokkaido University

Hokkaido University offers a bachelor’s degree program in Modern Japanese Studies and several master’s and doctoral programs in English, mainly for Engineering, Life Sciences and Agriculture.

This top university in Japan has a beautiful campus in Sapporo, and one campus by the sea in Hakodate. International students can apply for several scholarships provided by the university. Hokkaido University also has its forests, rice fields, and research sites. Studying at this university is quite comfortable.

9. Keio University

Keio University is the oldest university in Japan that adheres to the western education system. Several faculties at this university offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in English. In addition, the university offers 995 courses taught in English.

A comprehensive range of scholarships and support services are also available for international students. The university is suitable for overseas students who want to continue their studies with English as the language of instruction.

10. Waseda University

Waseda University is the only top university in Japan which in the top 10 in Japan. Its six faculties offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in English. The university offers a comprehensive range of scholarships and support services for international students. With the scholarship program, the opportunity to study abroad in Japan is not impossible.

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By getting some information about the top university in Japan, at least you can get an overview. So that you can continue compare which university is worth considering. Whether in terms of location, offered programs, or tuition fee.