Singapore Travel Restriction Info

The Singapore travel restriction is something that needs to be considered by tourists who want to visit the country. During the pandemic, the transmission rate of COVID-19 forced Singapore to place restrictions and tighten regulations on visits to the country. So that every tourist who wants to visit is obliged to follow the rules set by the Singapore government.

However, there are still quite a lot of migrants who have difficulty understanding what kind of policy is set by Singapore. This includes information about the current Singapore travel restriction. To be able to get a clear and detailed picture, here is a further explanation.

About Singapore Travel Restriction

Many nations continue to enforce border closures and admission restrictions. When choosing your travel routes to Singapore, it is better to consult the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Centre website. All visitors in Singapore are urged to check with the airline or travel agency to confirm that the flight routes are still operating before leaving for the airport. This is because the actions implemented could cause flight cancellations and a decrease in flight frequency.

Singapore travel restriction is made by the Singapore government to help the tourist keep safe and healthy during their travel to the country. This is a regulation and requirement stated by the Ministry of Health in Singapore. There are certain rules and important information to know. Especially related to what can be performed and what to do when travelling to this country. The information details are as follows. While further information on travel to the places, you can also consult the MFA Travel Information webpage.

The Singapore Travel Restriction Info

Mask-wearing is a Must

Mask use is no longer required outside. Masks must still be worn indoors, except when eating or drinking.

Dine-in Requirement

All those with all required vaccinations are permitted to dine in. This comprises cafes, hawker centers, and food and beverage establishments.

If you experience illness or get a COVID-19 positive test

You should adhere to a set of guidelines that have been established by the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) if you are experiencing illness, exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, or testing positive while in Singapore.

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General Travel Requirements to Singapore

Depending on whether you have had all of your vaccinations or not, there will be different admission criteria starting on April 1, 2022. Therefore, this criterion needs to be carefully understood. So that visitors to Singapore will experience no issues. The following is a further overview of the Singapore travel restriction.

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For visitors who are completely vaccinated

To visit Singapore, you must be completely immunized. No need for quarantine, pre-departure screenings, on-arrival screenings, or entrance clearances. Your to-do list before leaving includes the following lists:

  • Obtain vaccination documentation and upload it to the Vaccination Check Portal.
  • Bookings for all flights to Singapore are secure.
  • Three days before your trip, download the TraceTogether app and create your profile. Use the official and cost-free e-service on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website to submit your SG Arrival Card and e-health declaration.

For tourists who have not had all the necessary vaccinations

Short-term travelers who are not completely immunized are currently generally not permitted admission into Singapore unless they have another valid entry authorization (e.g., for compassionate reasons). Your to-do list before leaving is as informed below:

  • Obtain entry authorizations Fill out this application
  • two days before leaving Take a professional-administered COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or Antigen Rapid Test (ART)
  • When you arrive: abide by a 7-day Stay Home Notice (SHN) at any reservation-based lodging
  • After finishing SHN: take the PCR test

Additional Information About Singapore Travel Restriction

Regarding the Singapore travel restriction, all nations and territories will be assigned to the General Travel or Restricted Category under the Vaccinated Travel Framework (VTF). Border controls will be based on the vaccination status of each traveler. All nations and areas are now included in the General Travel category. At this time, there are no nations or regions in the Restricted Category.

On the MOE website, you can get advice for Singaporean students studying abroad, while on the MOH website, you can find advice on traveling. Here, common questions about the advisory have been answered. Students can also find information on studying abroad in the FAQs section of the MOH website under Border Measures.

Specific travel routes are permitted to transit via Changi Airport. If a traveler intends to transit through Singapore, they should inquire directly with the airlines about the acceptability of their proposed itinerary. Both the Changi Airport website and the ICA Safe Travel website have additional information.

The Needs to Keep Update on Singapore Travel Restriction

It is necessary to keep following important information related to the Singapore travel restriction. Travel limitations and safe distance guidelines are subject to sudden modification. Therefore, the best way is to consult the Ministry of Health for the most recent information on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore. Furthermore, reading any news related to the current situation is also recommended. This will give you additional information about what to do and what is going on around Singapore. 

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This is information about the Singapore travel restriction. This information, at least helps tourists to be able to understand what to prepare before coming to Singapore. Furthermore, it also helps limit visitors to Singapore to prevent the transmission of the dangerous COVID-19 virus. Therefore, you should pay attention to the conditions set and do each of these conditions completely.